Living My Dream

Yesterday Joanne and I took a leisurely drive outside of Franklin, TN and ended up in the community known as Leipers Fork.  We parked in a church parking lot and proceeded to wander through the quaint art and gift shops on the one street going through the town.  When we returned to our car I was blown away to see the cars that had lined up in the parking lot.  There was a Maserati, a Lamborghini, a couple of Porsches, and a Ferrari,  Being a car guy, I was walking up and down the line just admiring the merchandise. And yes, the silver Porsche Carerra GT shown here has a list price of $440,000.

Another couple on a motorcycle stopped and began talking to us.  The gal mentioned that we all need to dream and cars in Liepers Forkthen asked Joanne – “What’s your dream honey?”  Without hesitation, Joanne said – “I’m living my dream.”  The lady was dumbfounded and said in all her years of asking that question she had never had someone answer as Joanne had.  That obviously led to a lot more questions and a request for a lunch meeting, leading Joanne to ultimately look for an escape plan as we just wanted to enjoy the scenery.

Is it really that complicated?  Is it really that uncommon to be living our dream?  Is what we want always just beyond what we have?  Does living our dream mean we no longer have any ambition or goals to reach?  Does living our dream mean that we have more expensive cars and houses than anyone else in town?  Or might it mean peace and abundance in our lives that cannot be measured financially?

I won’t be mentioning any names here but I know some of the boys whose toys we were seeing here.  Most of them are country music singers who have done pretty well financially.  And I’m thrilled they can enjoy the toys that are available with that kind of success.

And yes, the vehicle Joanne and I were driving is right here in this lineup as well.  I’ll let you guess which one it is.  Just know that we too are living the dream!

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