There’s an old African philosophy that encapsulates the concept of collaborative living.
It’s called Ubuntu.
It’s the belief that we are all interconnected.
No matter our race, culture, creed or socioeconomic status.
My humanity is tied to yours.
We are each a collective of our personal relationships and experiences.
We’ve created a special medallion as a reminder of this.

We crave the extraordinary,
yet don’t know how to get past ordinary.


Let’s start by looking at the concept of “Ubuntu”


Jared Angaza, Wisdom Meets Passion


Wisdom Meets Passion

Click here for an interview with Jared Angaza and his “extraordinary life”

Here are some other real-life examples of people who have chosen to blend wisdom and passion in their lives:

My story – Jen


Many of us spend our time living a “vanilla” lifestyle, yet want our lives to look like rainbows.

This is exactly what I felt like when I found myself totally out of shape and not able to run two blocks. As a busy full time working mom of three young kids, I decided I was tired of being out of shape, tired of being unable to keep up with my kids, and tired of having health related issues being overweight.

Rather than continuing on the same path of just WISHING for change, I decided to go back to the basic ABCs (Action Brings Change) in order to take charge of my destiny.

Within 10 months, I lost 60 pounds and went from not being a runner to running my first marathon. Fast forward a few years and I went from not being a runner, a swimmer, or a pro cyclist to becoming an Ironman Triathlete (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile run in under 17 hours).

From this experience stemmed the realization that ordinary people CAN do extraordinary things when they choose to take action. This basic realization of getting back to my ABC’s stemmed a whole new life that helped me:

  • Pay off over $150,000 worth of debt in 3 years.
  • Work through some incredibly painful times in our life to help find a future cure for our son who was diagnosed with a lifetime chronic medical condition.
  • Become an author after “not being a writer.”
  • Go through an emotional job loss to find that, even without a college education, I had a lot to offer employers.

From these life experiences I gained wisdom which would eventually take me to searching out the life I wanted, not the life that was happening.

Today, thanks in part to the inspiring teachings of Dan Miller, I am living my dream.

May you find your Passion and Wisdom as well, even if you have to travel through some muck to get there.

Live Beyond Awesome,


Live Beyond Awesome Blog

My story – Joel

Joel and Pei Boggess

Growing up, I did what was expected: high school – college – work, a formula that promised health, wealth and happiness.As I struggled to figure out why the “three-step” process wasn’t working, my frustration and exhaustion began to weigh heavily.  In 2006, after much prayer and “heated fellowship”, my wife Pei and I made a decision. Empowered by the belief we are all here for a reason and fueled by a passion to help others develop clarity and confidence, we launched our coaching and speaking practice. I chuckle when people ask me: “How long have you been a coach?”, because, what they will learn, throughout their own coaching journey, is what I learned during mine: we’ve been doing our life’s work all along.  As an at-risk kid, my parents enrolled me in Karate. Before long, I became the teacher. While I taught the mechanics of kicking and punching, I was really helping them develop confidence, focus and a healthy outlook.  Moving on to college, I became a swimming instructor. I was now teaching breathing techniques and arm movement. Looking closer, I was teaching my students the same three things.  After college, moving into the world of work, the mechanics changed once again; putting myself through graduate school, (an MBA and a Master in counseling), I developed an entrepreneurial attitude, as a personal trainer and then as a counselor in-training.  I was designed to guide and motivate people into action. However, I chose to ignore the well-lit clues God put in my path. I fell into the trap of judging the Godliness and value of my work based on the expectations of others, while, for years, ignoring my own.Our challenge to you is not only to figure out “what’s next?” but to gain an understanding of what has brought you the most joy and fulfillment in your journey so far. Join us at and get involved in the discussion.

Your friend in the process – Joel


My story – Lynne

professional 029

From the earliest time I can remember, I’ve felt called to be a writer.My grandfather, Henry Clay Ferree, was a writer for a newspaper, the Winston Salem Journal and Sentinel. My dream was to grow up and be just like him. I loved to write. I began writing stories and poems and whenever given a writing assignment in school, I excelled at it. I sent the short articles to my grandfather and he would occasionally publish them in the newspaper. I felt like a celebrity!Somewhere along the way, I lost the dream and I quit writing altogether. The older I got, the more practical I got. I was more concerned about studying something that I could get a job in and developing a career. Although I rarely focused on the dream and would even have said that it had disappeared, it was in reality always there. Always in the back of my mind was my passion for writing, a gift that I had but had never opened.About four years ago, through taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University at my church I discovered Dan Miller and began listening to his podcast. I loved it! I was inspired to recover my dream. On a whim, I sent Dan a question about the children’s stories I’d begun writing and using in my job as an elementary school counselor. They were about a dog named Wyatt who wonders about everything. What should I do with them? Continue searching for a publisher? Self-publish? Give up? To my great surprise, he selected my question to answer on the podcast and his basic advice was: Just do it! Self-publish.I did just that. Within a year, I published my first Wyatt the Wonder Dog book. Today, I have three children’s books published, as well as a book for adults about how I followed my passion and how you can too! It is The Call: Perfect Dream, Imperfect Life. I share my books with children in schools and speak at events about following a passion and making a dream come true. You can follow me at and – Lynne


My story – Cam


Instead of focusing on the negatives in life, I always had a big picture approach.I grew up in a divorced home, struggling with anger, bitterness, and emotional issues, and left home at the age of 16. There are many ways that my life could have been the poster-child of a life destined for self-destruction. Instead of focusing on not having a dad in my life, I used this experience to choose and blend admirable characteristics from the older men in my life, including many of the strengths in my biological father. Instead of remaining trapped in the past emotional hurt, God led me to a great counselor and I found healing, forgiveness, and freedom in Christ.Instead of leaving home for a life on the streets, I left home and began a journey of independence through great dorm experiences in both Christian academy and Christian college.My life could have spiraled downhill and crashed, but thanks to unusually wise choices at my age, loving and supportive parents (even though they live in different countries), and God’s divine leading, I am growing and maturing into the man that God created me to be.

Who am I? My name is Camden Ross and I am a disciple of Christ!  Since finding freedom, I have been working on blending my God-given wisdom and my passion to help others transform their spiritual lives. In addition to my day job as a pre-press technician, I have developed and launched where those who are looking for more in their spiritual lives can develop a stronger, more personal relationship with Jesus.

– Cam

Dan Miller Wisdom Meets Passion

Wisdom Meets Passion


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