How would you like a certification program that goes beyond a certificate and gets you personal coaching and a powerful mastermind group?

Do you have dreams of making a living coaching people – in their careers, family, fitness, financial, health, and more?  Do you have a passion that you share with everyone, and get a thrill with helping others find those “ah-ha” moments?

So you want to be a coach.

In my past 20 years of coaching, I have repeatedly had people come up and ask me,

certification coaching“Dan, can I be a coach?”

My response is always the same – “Are people coming to you now asking for your help and advice?”  If they are, we can likely shape what you are already doing into a profitable business.   If you’re a person others seek out for help and support, or for a shoulder to lean on, you’re probably already “coaching” at some level. Chances are, you have the skills needed to be a coach.

Do you have what it takes to be a coach? There’s a quick way to find out…

How many of these things are already true for you?

  • People seek you out for your advice. Whether it’s after church, at a Chamber of Commerce meeting or at a social event, people are always asking for your advice and opinion.
  • You value personal growth. You set and accomplish your own goals in multiple areas of your life.
  • You see potential in people. And it frustrates you when they don’t exercise that potential.
  • You build strong relationships easily. You relate well to others personally, in business and in the ordinary encounters in life.
  • You don’t need anyone to motivate you or schedule your time. You exercise discipline in your own life and want others to know the freedom that comes from reaching new goals.
  • You recognize you’ve already been coaching – you need a way to formalize what you’re already doing. Now you’re ready to schedule sessions and charge for your expertise.
certification coach

Exclusive to CWE Graduates, the Coaching Mastery Program will be available in

January, May and September, 2017

Remember, if you haven’t been to Coaching With Excellence, this is the first step!

Coaching Success Requires Two Major Elements:

We’ve seen many new coaches who have studied the dynamics of personally engaging with a client.  They know how to clarify options, encourage, to confront when necessary and to guide the client to new levels of success.  They lead with powerful questions, and empower the clients to discover their own “ah-ha” moments. Coaching is a growing field where those who can POSITIVELY IMPACT the lives of others are in INCREASINGLY HIGH DEMAND. 

But how do I gain some credibility and position myself as a PAID coach?

Statistics tell us that 95% of coaches never make more than $40,000 a year.  

Our goal is to help you make the world a better place – to encourage and inspire others to their highest level of excellence – and to put you in the top 5% category of coaches who can comfortably show their own personal success.  

Let’s get started!  What exactly is “Certification”?

coaching certification We live in a culture where academic degrees have been highly valued and given with the expectation that success will then follow.  Real life, however, does not support that expectation.  We see people who sacrificed time and money in exchange for a degree, only to discover that real opportunities require characteristics other than a piece of paper.  People pay for competence and results, not for the privilege of looking at a diploma. The Coaching Mastery Program is above and beyond a simple slip of paper.  We want you to be a 48 Days Certified Coach…yet we understand that simply putting that logo on your website does not mean anything unless you’ve truly achieved hands-on coaching success. Coaching clearly falls in a new arena of opportunities.  There are no limits to who can transition to a coaching business.


We are seeing successful coaches emerge who were previously:

  • business owners
  • homemakers
  • pastors
  • or picking themselves up after a failure or loss

More than anything, people will gravitate to someone they can relate to.  They want to hear from someone who has been there, who has experienced the job loss, transitions, physical and mental blocks, and who has learned formulas to help others navigate through as well.  The person on the street does not recognize the merits of licensure or certification; what he/she is looking for is someone who can produce results. Training programs seldom have an accurate measure of competence. They, like many academic programs, reward people who pay tuition and regurgitate printed information.  The person in need of coaching is expecting someone to come alongside, help clarify options and then provide the gentle but firm encouragement to execute those options. It’s not about the logo; it’s about your time (and understanding) in the field.  We want to equip you with the knowledge of what it takes for you to be a coach, how to create a business model, generate multiple streams of revenue, and truly know how to be a successful PAID coach. Thankfully, we have a solution.  Instead of simply being certified, how about a true mastery program to walk you through the coaching process so you can, indeed, call yourself an expert!

Coaching Mastery: What’s in it for me?

The 48 Days Coaching Mastery Program Includes:
Coaching 101 Coaching 101 Program:
This is an online course to walk you through both the practice of coaching and the business of coaching.  This was our original coaching program, and stands alone as a powerful resource. It includes:

  • Worksheets and Audio lessons – You’ll receive worksheets for each session along with a full 48-60 minute audio course. Dan will walk you through the principles, both in doing the actual coaching and creating it into a business.
  • Full Transcripts –  There are roughly six hours of coaching broken up into six sessions.  We provide the full transcripts as easy-to-read PDF downloads.
  • Videos – There are three videos throughout the session, incorporating additional ideas and giving you a break from simply audio.
  • Track Your Progress – This is all set up through  You can take notes during the process, track where you are, and watch slides that go along with the audio – it’s a virtual classroom!
  • Competency Overview Form – This is a 15 page Business Planning Guide to help you describe your understanding of coaching and to flesh out the business components that will ensure your success.  You will gain access to this guide after Coaching 101, and you have until your certification is complete to refine and work on it.  Part of this process is 48+ hours of paid coaching, documented in this Coaching Competency Overview document.  All of this is due before your final call with Dan, when you can officially be certified!


Coaching Resource



48 Days Resource Kit This is jam-packed with all of our 48 Days materials, plus a Coaching Starter Kit book that should be in every coach’s toolbox! Includes: Coaching Starter Kit Handbook, Wisdom Meets Passion (plus the Field Guide and Quotes eBook/Desktop Wallpaper), No More Dreaded Mondays, 48 Days to the Work You Love hardback book and Application Guide, 48 No or Low-Cost Business Ideas PDF, Rudder of the Day, and of course, our 48 “papa treat” peppermints.

coaching DISC

Behavioral Analysis DISC Certification: Also in the format, this four-hour long course is rich with both audio and video content.

Comes with ten free DISC Classic Personality Profiles for you to use immediately!  ($285 value)

Using behavior analysis as a part of your coaching practice, you can…

  • Enhance relational time both professionally and personally
  • Gain greater sensitivity to others around you
  • Maximize personal strengths and minimize weaknesses
  • Resolve internal conflicts and power struggles more quickly
  • Enhance teamwork among an organization’s staff
  • Help children and teenagers develop a positive self-image
  • Assess a person’s non-verbal communication
  • Identify how and why people make decisions
  • Reveal root communication problems in seven minutes
  • Motivate others toward greater productivity
  • Develop focused and motivated teams
  • Save hours of consulting time
  • Teach others applied behavior

Plus You’ll Lean…

  • How others process information and respond to change
  • Dominant fears of each behavioral style
  • Historic origins of personality theory
  • Principles of behavioral interaction
  • Compatibility of behavioral styles
  • How to distinguish between a person’s mask and his/her core self
  • How to identify when a  person is experiencing stress
  • Relational orientation versus task accomplishment
  • Factors that contribute to the development of the behavioral styles

This training is an investment in you, you organization, your coaching clients, and your personal relationships.  It will equip you with new skills to effectively consult, counsel and communicate with others.

coaching seminar

48 Days Business Partner Package The Business Partner Package equips you to use the 48 Days to the Work You Love Seminars in your coaching practice.  It includes:

  • 10 Participant Kits – Each kit includes the Tenth Anniversary Edition of 48 Days to the Work You Love, the brand new 48 Days Application Guide, The Rudder of the Day, the 48 Days DISC Classic Personality Profile, and more.  PLUS one complete bonus kit for your own use or an 11th participant ($737 value)
  • 1 Facilitator’s Guide – Along with the Facilitator’s Guide, you’ll have access to the lesson-specific training only available to business partners.  The Facilitator’s Guide provides flexible teaching plans you can use in coaching or small group settings ($595 value)
  • Ongoing Training and All Promotional Materials – You’ll also have access to downloadable logos, advertisements, brochures, handouts and more.  In addition, you’ll be invited to take part in our bi-weekly Zoom calls ($325 value)

This is a $1657 value (offered for $800 for trained facilitators), but included for free when you join the Coaching Mastery Program.

You’ll have everything you need to start the 48 Days Seminars immediately.

custom coaching

4 Personal One-on-One Coaching Calls with Dan Once you’ve completed Coaching 101 and DISC Certification, we will arrange four phone calls (approximately one hour each) with Dan to discuss your specific situation and questions you may have.  These calls can be spaced out to fit in with your personal goals for certification. The final call is your wrap-up to verify you are ready to be a 48 Days Certified Coach! Here is an overview of each coaching session:

Four Coaching Calls with Dan (Coaching Mastery) Call #1:  

  • Pull out your Coaching with Excellence checklist.  Tell me where you are on those steps.  Discuss Name, Website, coaching focus and target audience
    •       Review your Value Proposition Outline
      • I help ________________________
      • Do/know/understand ________________________
      • So they can ____________________________________
    • Immediate steps to engage with clients

Call #2:

  • Clarify Coaching Packages – time and dollars  (Ideally have 10 hours completed)
  • Review this PASTOR framework from Ray Edwards How to Write Copy That Sells
    • To Sell More, P.A.S.T.O.R. Your Customers
    • And, as you might’ve guessed, P.A.S.T.O.R. is also an acronym for describing your coaching process. Here is the explanation:
      • “P” is for PROBLEM
      • “A” is for AMPLIFY
      • “S” is for STORY and SOLUTION
      • “O” is for OFFER
      • “R” is for RESPONSE
  • If you apply the mindset of being a shepherd to your readers, and you follow the sequence of the P.A.S.T.O.R formula for your materials, you will likely experience more sales, more profits, and more transformed clients.
Call #3:
  • Create a six-month timeline.  Develop a clear plan for activity, income, your website, products to be developed, etc.  Discuss financial projections.
  • Discuss focus, marketing methods that are working, client engagement, workshops, speaking, etc.:
  • Review coaching hours completed – challenging interactions, referrals being made.  Project completion of 48 hours of paid coaching.
Call #4:
  • Review Coaching Competency Overview (attached here)
  • Next Steps – Discuss Coaching Mastery event, ongoing resources

coaching events


Live Events Come back to any 48 Days event for $497.  That’s at least 50% off our Coaching with Excellence event as a special VIP!

We hold three Coaching with Excellence events a year, plus one Innovate, and we have a few wildcard events up our sleeve as well.  In addition to these events, you get one free exclusive event and can come back for $500 any time after (more details on this below).


coaching certification


48 Days Certified Coach Branding

Once you are certified, we’ll mail you an official “48 Days Certified Coach” plaque and certificate with a 48 Days raised seal as well as send you the logo to your left for you to use on your website.


coaching certification

Advertisement on the 48 Days Website

When you are in the Coaching Mastery Program, you can be listed for FREE on the 48 Days Coach Page.* This is a highly trafficked page and we’ll be listing you as a coach we would recommend!

Additionally, once you are Certified, you may be listed on our Coaching Application page for $48/year.*  This is the page we funnel Dan’s personal clients through, and, if they are a fit for you, we will pass clients on to you as well!

*You cannot be listed anywhere on as a coach unless you are in the Coaching Mastery Program

**Ashley screens each application and refers to the certified coach best suited for the client.  48 Days retains 20% commissions on referrals.

coaching certification


Online Private Community Group You will be added to an invitation only Coaching Mastery Program group on  Available 24/7, you can post discussions, ask questions, share success, resources and more with other members of the Coaching Mastery Program. This is an active group, and where most of our correspondence takes place.  In addition, getting involved in the community is where a lot of people gain coaching clients!


coaching certification

Coaching Mastermind Group What started out as a quarterly group coaching call quickly turned into a weekly Mastermind group, and it has by far been the most powerful component of the whole Mastery Program. Every week on Tuesdays from 1:30-2:30 central, we host a live Zoom call to discuss a topic related to coaching.  These are open to anyone who has been through Coaching Mastery, so there will be people fresh in the program right along with some of our successful Certified Coaches. We have covered incredible topics such as:

  • Book Review of “The Prosperous Coach” (everyone gets this when they come to CWE)
  • Role-Playing
  • The 15 Hour WorkWeek
  • Apps, Systems, Gizmos and Gadgets Galore
  • Coach or Cheerleader?
  • Cal Newport’s “Deep Work”
  • Sweet Spot Vs. Comfort Zone
  • Empowering the Client
  • Uniqueness and Value
  • How to Talk to Strangers and Ask for $$
  • Consultive Selling or Normal Selling
  • The Marks of a Great Coach

and much more.  Dan and Ashley are active on every call, and Certified Coaches are invited to lead discussions as well.  Every discussion is posted in our private group, so you can ask questions and prepare in advance.  Afterward, the full replay is available for you to watch on your own.   These will be in a constantly growing library – save them to your computer and listen to them anytime!

coaching certification


Peer to Peer Coaching   You will be paired up with a different coach every month to practice your coaching skills, in addition to the weekly Mastermind.  You will act as the coach for two sessions, and the client for two sessions, giving you a good taste of both sides of the process.  We believe in the power of diving in and getting your feet wet.  We want to give you ample opportunities to practice and get feedback.



coaching certification

Coaching Mastery Event

Once a year we will host a Coaching Mastermind Event – this is a private event only available for people in our Coaching Mastery Program.  Held right here at “The Sanctuary” in Franklin, TN, you are already familiar with what this means – we welcome you in as family – the food is incredible, the leisure time allows for you to make lifetime friends, and the intense focus on your success makes you feel like you can do this!

In this two-day intensive event, we’ll address the nitty-gritty details and questions you have after having gone through the program. We’ll brainstorm together on your individual businesses and create a plan that works for you.  We will keep these groups small with priority on first-time Mastery attendees.  Limited to around 15 “Eaglepreneurs,” we will go through each coach’s business and help you get an outside perspective on what you can do to improve your coaching business.  Think of this as an intensive group coaching session where we all collaborate for success!

Come for free to the next Mastermind event as a Coaching Mastery Participant:

November 9-10th, 2017

*You get the first 2 day event PLUS all meals covered. Lodging and transportation are your responsibility. 

You may come back to this event for $500.

coaching certification

Exclusive to CWE Graduates, the Coaching Mastery Program will be available in

January, May and September, 2017

If you haven’t been to Coaching With Excellence, this is the first step!


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