Is Cam Newton living the dream?

As we all know now, Cam Newton has announced he will skip his senior year at Auburn University “to improve his chances of securing a professional career.”  He led his team, the Tigers to a perfect season with 14 wins and zero losses.  In his freshman year at the University of Florida Newton was arrested for the alleged theft of a laptop computer.  He is also said to have been caught cheating three times, including putting his name on someone else’s paper without that student’s knowledge.  Rumors abound that Newton was taking illegal bidding for his services at each of the three universities he attended for one year.  But now with the Heisman Trophy in one hand and the national championship in the other he is a hot commodity for the NFL.

The questions are plentiful:

  • Is the purpose of college to get the highest bid for your services?  Isn’t that what we all do anyway?
  • If the college degree would lead to a $45,000/yr position and the NFL will likely start with a $20-30 million deal, would any of us choose the former?
  • What happens when unlimited money is put in the hands of someone with integrity and character flaws?
  • Is this the fulfillment of every little boy’s dream or the sale of a body to the highest bidder?

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