Is 48 Days just hype to make Dan rich?

1.  I am a 63 year old married lady who is still working and never has any money. I am afraid of failure, I do believe…plus, I really don’t know how to follow through. Here’s my dilemma…I believe I have a story that needs telling…

2.  I have a good government job that allows me to telecommute. I go weeks between projects. It goes against my work ethic to do something other than work during the 8 hours I’m paid for. It’s killing my self-esteem.  Your thoughts?

3.  Dan, is your 48Days a self help program and will it find me a better job or is that all hype to sell your book? If it does work, do you have any proof of this? I am a critic as I believe you are trying to sell me something that may not work just so you can get rich.

4.  The insurance agency I work for is literally dying. Business hasn’t been great in this area — my paycheck has been less than $18,000/yr.  The agency manager wants to retire in 5 years and is trying to encourage me to take over. I’ve thought about moving on to pursue schooling, but then I read the “Acres of Diamonds” story again and am not sure if I am passing up my own acre by leaving. I’m sick of living paycheck to paycheck, but have a family to support. Any advice?

5.  I am working 40-60 hrs a week not including drive time. Only on page 96 after a little more than a month reading 48 Days to the Work You Love. I want a more suitable job, but feel overwhelmed and tired. If I can’t put out a ton of time to my job search what can be done? Thanks

6.  My name is Kurt and I stay in South Africa, Cape Town.  I havent had work for a very long time I’ve struggled so much.. sometimes I wish life were easier on me, because, well, sometimes I feel like ending it… but I dont give up and I try my hardest! I dont need the millions, I just need my life. I’m 23 years old, I don’t even have a car.  I’m not here to beg, I’m here to ask for help as I want to do something with my life and you’re the last bit of hope I have…

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