I’m underemployed and discouraged

Sarah asks:  “Dan, I’ve been underemployed for 10 years. How do I get my confidence back?”

I agree being unemployed is a real bummer.  But before you burn any bridges, make sure you know exactly how marketable you really are.  Don’t just assume that because 10 years have passed you are worth more.

Here’s a checklist that will help you:

  1. Bring your resume up to date.  Don’t just show a chronological history.  Rather, highlight unique areas of competence.  Scroll down on this link to check sample resumes
  2.  Check a couple salary sites like Salary.com or JobStar to see what people with your skills are being paid.
  3. Do a professional job search.  Review my Job Search Process.
  4. Get excited about what you are moving TO rather than focusing on what you are moving FROM.  You’ll see confidence, boldness and enthusiasm begin to show up.
  5. Move through the 48 Days Schedule.  You really can find new opportunities, get back on track with your career positions and get your confidence back.

While you’re working on that you can enjoy this site someone just alerted me to:  Dumbemployed.com.  Don’t stay there – just recognize others are reevaluating their current positions as well.

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