I’m dismal at Sales

1.  Having taken your Personality Profile I found that I have none of the characteristics needed to sell myself. How do I overcome this problem as I work to create an income from home with my own business? I love helping and teaching people one on one and have many skills but am dismal at sales of any kind. Please help!

2.  I am faced with the decision of taking a risk of opening a business, that if I succeed, will be in a field of interest and help to generate a better lifestyle OR go back to college and hope to get a job that will bring me similar success in my life. I cannot continue where I am. I have to make a decision.

3.  Your low cost business ideas are great. However, you don’t go into the difference on gross, net and self employment taxes. Do you have a different view on taxes or do you leave this for your audience to find out when they get audited?

4.  I have an idea for taking some of your easy start ups and create a branding for several of them and offer them as a package or start up kit throughout the country. I think this would be an opportunity to help others earn extra income or create a whole new career for them as well.

5.  I work with unemployed members of my church to help them find more meaningful employment. Some of them have been out of work for over 8 months. What are some coaching principles you would be willing to share for those of us that want to help people set in ineffective methods and beliefs?

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