I think my business stinks

I’m too pooped to be an EntreManure.

“Hi Dan, I would appreciate your insight on this. I am owner and operator of a pooper scooper company here in San Antonio for 7 years now but have the desire to begin anew doing something else. I make okay money doing this, we are netting over 60K personally now and in 2-3 years can be netting over 100K just on natural growth. I like doing this but increasing find myself desiring to do something else.  I am so uncreative but obviously understand and am not afraid of being an entrepreneur — or as I say in this current business Entre-Manure! Your wisdom is appreciated!” Eric

Congratulations on growing a successful business over 7 years.  And it’s not at all surprising that you have the 7-Dogs in loveyear itch.  By nature, most of us entrepreneurs like the process of starting something and we get excited about the prospect of change, challenge and variety.  But here’s the really good news.  Having already run a business successfully you obviously understand sales and marketing, budgeting and forecasting, customer service, and how to maintain a competitive advantage.  With those skills already in place you can move into any one of many businesses.  You get to choose – but now as a wiser and more experienced entrepreneur than you were 7 years ago.

Once you’ve done all the things required to run a business like this – you can switch to another business easily.

  • Select 20 new ideas
  • Get the advice and opinion of others
  • Narrow down to 3 or 4 that fit you best
  • Do a little more research on these
  • Choose the best one and GO

And that’s exactly what entrepreneurs do.  The government statistics show that most new businesses aren’t around 4-5 years after starting.  Being statisticians they assume those businesses “failed.”  But you and I know that most of those entrepreneurs did exactly what you’re getting ready to do.  They found a new and better opportunity.  If you’re tired of being an Entre-Manure, just take your business skills and move onward and upward. 

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