How to make your vision a reality

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“With vision there is no room to be frightened. No reason for intimidation. It’s time to march forward! Let’s be confident and positive!” Charles Swindoll


What vision have you spent years talking about but never accomplished? You may have wasted valuable time saying, “One day I am going start my own business, next month I will start a savings plan or next year I am going back to school”. Seven years, ten jobs and a pile of bills later, you are still saying the same thing. Life is moving and you are still stuck singing the same old song.

I know this story all so well because it was my story. I wasted valuable time talking about what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go and who I wanted to help. I never achieved what I was capable of achieving because I spent more time talking than walking.

I have realized that if I am going to live my vision, I must get busy. One thing that we can never get back is missed time. If you are ready to move forward in living your vision, join me in stop talking about what you are going to do and start doing it.

Here are nine motivators that I have discovered that will help you stay the course and succeed in making your vision a reality.

1.      Evaluate where you are. Take a close look at how your life is lining up in the seven areas of life (spiritual, relational, physical, mental, financial, social and professional). Knowing where you currently are will position you to see what you need to do to get where you desire to be. If you need to make changes for improvement do it now and do not wait for tomorrow.

2.      Envision where you desire to be. See yourself where you have never been, doing what you have never done and proceeding forward even in the face of fear. Make sure what you are envisioning aligns with what you are purposed to do and not what someone else has envisioned for your life.

3.      Establish a clear plan. Create a clear personal vision statement that documents where you want to go. It should clearly describe what you want most in life, how you expect to get there and a timeline for making your vision a reality.

4.      Eliminate distractions. Disassociate with anything or anyone that is an obstacle to where you believe God is leading you. You must diffuse the distractions immediately because they can cause you to forfeit your vision with their negative and discouraging talk and actions.

5.      Explore all options. Look at all your options with wide-open lenses. Focus on your specific vision, but keep your peripheral sight open to all the options that are available. There is usually more than one way to a destination.

6.      Enlist the help of others. You are not going to be able to make your vision a reality on your own. You will need some assistance, but only enlist those who are willing to encourage and walk with you even when they cannot see it and things do not make sense.

7.      Execute your vision plan. Once you have a documented plan, it is time to take action. Do not waste time worrying about what others will say or how things will work out, just start executing your plan. What good is it to have a well-written vision plan if you never take action?

8.      Examine your process. As you take action on your vision, you will need to continually monitor your process to see where you are and if you are on the right path. Examining your vision process regularly will let you know if you need to make any adjustments or changes.

9.      Enjoy the journey. I don’t want you to think that making your vision a reality is all work and no fun. You need to implement rewards that follow key steps of vision achievement. Rewarding accomplishments will make your vision journey enjoyable and will provide a greater incentive to get the job done.

I am implementing these nine motivators in my life as I write this post.  If you are serious about making your vision a reality, you can start right where you are by implementing these nine motivators and watch what happens.

Question: How are you going to make your vision a reality? Leave your comment below.

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