Honoring my wife and killing myself

1. I have a successful podcast I’ve been running. I’m miserable at my full time job-I’m physically drained and not mentally or physically healthy. I’m thinking of going full time internet business because – I come alive and I’m able to balance my life out. The problem is my wife is not supportive with the idea. She feels safer with the weekly paycheck and the health benefits. I feel as though I’m honoring my wife but suffering inside and cheating my kids of a Dad during the best years of their lives.

2. For years my IT skills have been growing faster than my company. I recently found a business that offers an avenue of significant personal growth. My dilemma is I generate about 25% of the revenue for my current employer and we just invested in a new building. I’m afraid my departure would burn bridges no matter how amiable.

3. I have an idea to start a restaurant delivery business in my hometown. I want to delivery from as many restaurants as possible and charge roughly $7.00 an order or 15% above $40. My first thought was this will be easy, but when I looked at the numbers it would be hard to make enough because each order will probably take 20-30mins. Seven dollars won’t get me too far.

4. I’ve read 2 of your books and I’m convinced that to find true success I have to do what I love, however, what I love to do is play Texas hold em poker, there’s a lot of players who are considered professional and make a good living, there’s even a world series of poker. I have several questions, do you consider this gambling or a sport? Do you recommend going after this dream of mine?

5. Now I’ve moved to Southern California and bought a home in the National Forrest. I need to develop income and I just can’t seem to put it together. I love and ride horses. Maybe it’s about God’s timing but I just need something fresh to get er done.

6. How do you know if you don’t like doing something is because it is challenging or if it is something that is not really your passion? I feel like that if I walk away from it, I will have a sense of un-accomplishment (failure) that will prohibit me from succeeding in other endeavors so I keep going back to prove that I can do it and end up feeling like I am wasting away. So how do I determine if I need to keep persevering or if the ladder is really on the wrong wall?

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