I’ve got a great idea!

Working with creative people gives me the opportunity to hear lots of cool ideas.  People approach me every day with what could be the next greatest iPad, Hula Hoop, self-directing Frisbee, time management system, dog training trick, or best-selling book.  Often these people brag about having so many great ideas that they have not been able to narrow down and develop even one.

And therein lies the challenge.  If you have lots of great ideas and you’ve been doing research for the last five years – I’ll guarantee you nothing has been added to your bank account.  People become enamored with making their idea perfect and thus never launch anything.  Many times the window of opportunity has already passed or someone else released a similar product before they are “ready” to share and deliver.

In The Great Gatsby, writer F. Scott Fitzgerald identified the real cause behind these delays:  “What would be the use of doing great things if I could have a better time telling her what I was going to do?”  You see, a whole lot of people find so much enjoyment in telling people about their big idea that they never actually do it?

Ideas are plentiful and don’t put money in anyone’s pocket.  But the idea that’s combined with a clear plan of action can change your life.  As Steve Jobs was known to tell his software developers – “Real artists ship.”

Make 2012 the year you “ship” your idea.  Get off the starting gate.  Write that book, develop and release that invention, start that business. get in shape, complete that coursework, and experience the thrill of “shipping.”

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