God’s Will – or just my passion?

There is a current discussion on 48Days.net where J Sean Allen asks if his passion for old cars could really be part of his “God-ordained purpose” or if it’s just his self-centered materialistic desire.  Cars – Passion vs Distraction. Wow – there’s a question that only comes up about 6000 times a day.  Have you ever asked yourself that?  Have you ever thought that doing God’s will must involve suffering and misery?  That doing something you enjoy is likely just your own selfish desire?

Imagine yourself as a parent.  You have a little 5-yr-old boy – and that little boy loves playing with trucks.  What are you likely to get him for Christmas?  Are you going to get him a calculator because you want him to grow up to be an accountant?  No, you’re going to get him the coolest truck imaginable.  What kind of a Mom or Dad would say – No, son.  I want you to play with dolls because I want you to develop a passion for a career in fashion?

Fortunately, J Sean is getting some great advice from others in the 48Days.net community.  David Roman says: “If your passion has intrinsic value to others and isn’t morally reprehensible, then why question it?”  Jim Tetterton added:  “Swap the time agonizing over the morality of it and spend it taking action.  If it’s a terrible thing, you’ll perceive it.   If not, get on with it.”  Tim West suggested:  “Maybe this could be a stepping stone to where God wants you to go.”

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