Freedom in the Jungle

1. I’m tired of working hard for others and making them all the money. I have designed my own line of inspirational and Christian based posters. I want to produce these posters on my own and sell them. In other words, I want to become my own publisher. Do you think this could work? I’m not sure where to market this and how to make the sales.

2. I would love to bridge the gap between the church and colleges by providing one on one career counseling to church attendees from all denomination. My issue is should I make this a profit or not for profit? I do want to make money but I don’t know if people are willing to pay for such a service.

3. I am an artist and did 2 large paintings for my hairdresser’s new salon. We agreed on the amount and terms she could afford comfortably. When it was time for the payments, she started giving me excuses why she could not do it although promised me she would really like to pay it off. By the way we have a written agreement on the payment terms which she has signed. Looks like this does not bind her at all. What is the best way to handle this?

4. My employer offered me a leave of absence, which I accepted. I thought that perhaps after 8 months in the Amazon jungle I would be ready to return to the office. However as my time here is coming to an end I found that is not the case. If anything, I’m less ready to go back to an office after spending so much time working outdoors in a less structured, free-flowing environment. Last week I decided to quit my job rather than return at the end of my leave. Now, I have no definite plans for the future. I have no job lined up when I return to the United States and no definite idea about what I want to do.

5. I work as a sales consultant at a car dealership and have been there only three months. A similar opportunity may become available in my own town in a couple of months. There are obvious advantages in going to the new dealership. But I feel somewhat guilty in leaving my present position. Should I leave the current dealership if the hometown position is offered to me?

6. I’ve actually been working on some book ideas for a while and would love to gain the information from the Write to the Bank conference this week, but I’m a pastor and have a wedding and will be unable to attend. Are you guys planning to podcast or record the sessions at all? Mostly what I hate is missing the community of writers, but I would enjoy receiving the information.

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