My myopic pursuit of the almighty dollar

My myopic pursuit of the almighty dollar

The lead-in question on the information requested when I coach with someone personally is this:  “Briefly describe your current work situation.”  Here is a classic response I received from a 28-yr-old:  “Antithetical to my personal and professional expectations.  And unfulfilling on multiple levels:  Lack of meaning and purpose; a myopic pursuit of the almighty dollar; a parasitic and never ending voyage into the shallow waters of avarice.” Find meaning

Wow – this is a powerful and eloquent statement of being off track.  And of the understanding that money is never enough compensation for investing one’s time and energy.

This young man continued:  “Because of the necessity and immediacy of my situation…I took the path of least resistance which has led me down a perilous pike of disappointment and despair.  And as a direct result of our financial obligations, I absolved myself of the freedom to easily pursue my dreams for the oppressive restraints of debt.”  Feeling trapped by the realities of life, he felt blocked from any attempts at following his true passions.

Fortunately, new possibilities to find meaning are possible. 

We mapped out an immediate plan for expression of his unique writing skills and find meaning in his life.  For instance, he can hike, run a marathon, study fossils with his kids and get involved in a book club.  Life does not have to be put on hold.  You can always find ways to make deposits of success in areas deemed important. And even dramatic career redirection is not unrealistic.  Just today I heard from an accountant who really wants to be a plumber.  Let’s start the transition – what fun!  

There are few obstacles beyond those existing in our minds, if we are creative in looking for solutions.  And remember to enjoy the journey, starting today. 

Success is not a future event – it is the “progressive realization of worthwhile goals.”  Thus, either you are successful today or you are not. 

Look for opportunities to rise above the “shallow waters of avarice.”  Do something noble today!


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