Ready to move into work you love, yet unsure of what you really want...or who you really are?
Here is the secret to moving forward...

Working with Ashley can help you...

  • Find work you love
  • Start and/or grow a business
  • Develop family harmony
  • Move from basic communication to true connection in every relationship

…and more!

As my father Dan Miller says, 85% of the process of finding work you love it by looking inward first. Yet sometimes, we’re so close to the issues it can be hard to pinpoint what isn’t working, or what blind spots we may have. Sometimes, a coach is the perfect answer to peel back the layers and uncover your strengths, fears and passions to help you determine your next steps.

Instead of trying to be a “jack of all trades, master of none,” I work with individuals (and families) to identify what your unique sweet spots are that allow you to truly flow. When we spend all our time focusing on what we don’t do well and what we don’t like, that tends to be more of what we see. Shifting that perspective to know your own skillset and do it well can be a complete game-changer.

Not only is identifying your own unique abilities helpful in finding a job or building your sweet spot in your business, but it is also key to deepening the connection with your partner and your children.

Life happens. You’re human, and you have default reactions and emotions that help you cope with what comes your way. When you can identify what triggers negative reactions, however, you can shift your mindset for a more productive experience and a stronger connection with those around you.

So often people come to us at 48 Days in the midst of a transition. They have left their job or are miserable there. They’ve just gone through a divorce, children leaving the nest, etc. During a time of legitimate insecurity, when you are unaware of your own strengths, our natural tendency is simply to try and be what we think is needed.

I have seen passive Ss and Is trying to step up like a D and having a panic attack of anxiety. And I’ve seen high D styles eager to launch their business, and getting so overloaded with the details that they throw in the towel.

By paying attention to what your strengths are and creating the space to thrive in your strengths, not simply muscling through those areas that don’t come naturally to you, you pave the way for a beautiful opportunity to collaborate.

The next step is to fill out the application – let me get to know more about what’s going on, and I’ll reach out to see how I can best support you!