So how do you find a life coach that’s right for you?

There is a lot that goes into finding the perfect life coach: specialty, budget and personality fit. We have a full team of 48 Days Certified Coaches in a variety of specialties and some unique new ways to get you the coaching you need to fit your budget.

Our professional life coaches provide coaching in a variety of areas, including:
| financial planning | spiritual direction| health and nutrition | anxiety and ADHD coaching | diabetes guidance | marriage and parenting | understanding personality styles and cultivating healthy relationships | alternative education models |overwhelm and minimalism | business growth | artist development | writing excellence | technology issues and more |

Tell us a little about yourself and your goals, and Dan’s daughter Ashley will match you with the perfect coach for you.

Note: there’s no obligation right now and no cost to get our recommendation.

Meet our 48 Days Certified Coaches

Dan Miller

“The best way to predict your future…is to create it” Leverage your message, grow your business and thrive.

Ashley Logsdon

The uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us – Move from reaction to intention by helping you thrive in your strengths for deeper connection with others.

Adam Rico

Start feeling alive with work you enjoy! We’ll get you to where you want to be.

Jevonnah Ellison

Clarify your Purpose and Amplify your Strengths

Marcy Travis

Career Coach | Resume Writer – Discover Your Best Work Options

Michael McGreevy

Helping LEADERS live courageously, maintain balance and build a legacy worth talking about

Marianne Renner

Helping Gain clarity and confidence to achieve your goals and dreams

Brawn Lide

Focusing on helping the future generations to Live for More!

Erin K. Robison

Coaching women who are in transition, stuck or waiting to discover their passion and design so they can live a wildly fulfilling life, filled with meaningful relationships.

Kingsley Grant

Leveraging Your Experiences and Life-Skills To Create The Life Of Your Dream

Susie Miller

Creating better Relationships in 30 Days or Less!

Michelle Hammons

Lead a visionary life and become the best version of yourself by focusing passion, purpose, clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence.

Matt Soderstrum

Helping people get to where they want to go personally and professionally!

Brian Holmes

Helping high-potential entrepreneurs and leaders live with purpose, expand their influence, and lead with maximum impact

Terri Sullivant

Partnering with you to Discover, Dream and Do the life you were born to live.

Greg Vance

Helping You – Discover or Rediscover your Purpose – To Live Your Best Life.

Micki Vandeloo

Providing clarity for grant writers struggling with job performance or work/life balance

Coaching Mastery

Armando Garcia

Helping Business Owners and Entrepreneurs increase income by working less so they can spend more time with family

Brent Joslin

TRANSFORM! Discover Your True Purpose and Passion to Find Fulfillment in Your Life and Work!.

Nance Schick

Listen with your third ear for the hurts you can heal—including your own—and create a life that includes what matters most to you.

Edna Wischkaemper

Bilingual experienced and accomplished corporate consultant, coach, and trainer in individual development.  Helps people turn their potential into high performance to achieve their own success.

Mark Ross

Leadership & Personal Development Coach ➨ Partnering with clients through personal transformation & professional transition

Sara Anna Powers

Faith-centered Success Coach, podcaster and copywriter who’s passionate about helping motivated women create thriving online businesses.

Ryan Reger

I help entrepreneurs gain clarity on how they can create multiple streams of income from their talents, skills, and abilities

Alan & Angie Thomas

We help overweight men and women lose the pounds that hold them back from living the future they are destined to live.

Angela Chatham

Helping high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs increase clarity, focus, and confidence to “Boldly Lead & Succeed in Business!”

Take the First Next Step

Answers To Your Most Asked Questions About Life and Career Coaching Services

What Does Career Coaching / Life Coaching Look Like?

This coaching process is not traditional counseling. While counseling focuses on the past, life coaching and career coaching is very future oriented. Coaches don’t dwell on where you where or where you are as much as being your guide and accountability to get you where you want to be.

Coaching takes a variety of forms. Sometimes, just one or two video calls is all that’s needed to get you started on the right track. Other times, coaches recommend a series of sessions over a longer period of time. It is typically faster-paced than traditional counseling with accountability and action steps incorporated into the times between sessions.

What Do Life Coaches Do?

We work with clients on setting priorities and goals, identifying your “unique value,” and walking with you through the steps of taking action that will enable you to achieve a higher level of success in a particular area.

This addresses all aspects of your life, and each coach has a different specialty – finance, career, home, fitness/nutrition, relationships, spiritual development, etc.

Some coaches specialize in certain aspects, like writing a resume, functioning with ADHD, or understanding personality styles in your home.

What Is a Career Coach?

A Career Coach zones in on the specific area of helping you find success in your career or vocation. We recognize that work models are changing. The old model of a traditional 8-5 job is not the only choice.

In working with professionals from all areas, we explore consulting, free-lance work, franchises and entrepreneurial opportunities as well as the traditional career paths. The correct focus for this can only be discovered by knowing what is unique about you.

This was our primary focus, however as our Coaching Mastery Program has expanded to all coaches, so is what we offer for coaching!

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Career Coach or Life Coach?

Pricing varies depending on the coach and the type of coaching. For instance, Dan’s daughter Ashley has a coaching package to help people understand their DISC Profile for $450, while Jevonnah Ellison has a VIP Coaching Experience for $12,000.