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Voila! Want Dan’s premiere Sanctuary experience?

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Originally a french term “Voila” literally means “Look there!”

Often used to create suspense just before revealing a final result. That’s what we expect to happen in this process. Suspense, exploration, and the final “Voila”.

In this process we will be looking for clarity in these areas:

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For high potential companies and individuals who want to increase impact, influence and income without an increase in time, travel or tension.


Have you ever thought:

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  • Like Simba from The Lion King- “You’re more than what you’ve become”
  • I’ve not yet moved into my Zone of Genius
  • My life does not quite fit what St. Irenaeus described as “The glory of God is man fully alive”
  • I’m still looking for my sweet spot- The convergence of Passion, Talent and Money.

And you’re concerned that:

  • Even though others see you as successful, you suspect you are not making your greatest contribution to the world
  • You’re experiencing stress, fitful sleep, and the sense that there’s just not enough time
  • If you don’t get better control of your time, you’ll miss your greatest opportunity
  • Your relationships are strained and you know if you don’t make some changes you’ll compromise what you value most


  • You may think this is a poor time to make a move
  • You may think the economy is bad and you should be grateful to not be struggling as much as some others
  • You may think you’ve missed your best window of opportunity because of your age, the changing world or because someone else is already doing what you’d most like to do
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[text_output]Ted Yoder sabotaged his job as a carpet layer because his frustration was too apparent.  His firing put him in a position of either getting another “job” or acting on his desire to play the hammered dulcimer.  He began knocking on nursing home doors to get opportunities to play that strange unknown instrument – yes even with a wife and five small children to feed.  He just had a backyard video of himself playing the Tears for Fears classic, Everybody Wants to Rule the World hit 71.5 million views online.  Orders are pouring in for his CDs and he can’t fulfill all the requests for concert appearances.   I grew up on a farm.  I understood physical labor and linear income – do something once, drive that corn or soybeans into town and get paid.  Today I look for things I can do once, and get paid 10,000 times.  That’s a much different method of ‘makin a livin.’   My Venn model of multiple streams of income is being used by authors, speakers, coaches, artists, consultants, musicians, and more as a realistic method by which to generate extraordinary income – while doing work they love.[/text_output]
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Ideal for authors, speakers, coaches and consultants as well as for entrepreneurial businesses with products or services in place but a need to scale in the marketplace.


robert-mallonThank you so much for your hospitality, wisdom and friendship in this process. We prayed at the beginning for breakthroughs and we certainly got them. I guess I could say that you over delivered.

Robert Mallon

greg-jonesI want to thank you for a great time Wednesday evening and all day Thursday.  It was spot on with what I was hoping for and especially needing.  I have always longed for that mentoring experience as much of my journey in this life has been a solitary one.  You have definitely earned my respect and admiration not just for all of your outstanding public works (48 Days, etc), but now for the private investment you have made in me, in my future, in my families future, and in the future of the lives I hope to touch.  I really appreciate the value you bring, your personal commitment, and especially the ability you have to help me dramatically move my needle in a direct and personal way as you have “been there, done that” in exactly the same areas I am striving to achieve.  Thank you for your time, commitment, and investment.

Greg Jones

bill-watkins-150Gratitude is one of the words that describes how I feel about my recent visit to work with you. I’m appreciative that you trusted us enough to share so much of your time, resources and energy.

Bill Watkins

susan-drummI’m so glad I was able to get precious 1:1 time with Dan!  I needed to think about the new resources I want to create and how to best help entrepreneurs build their own teams, and this retreat was the perfect opportunity to think Big Vision.  It was well worth the investment, and I’m super excited about my launch plans for a new course next year.  I’ve got everything mapped out and now its about execution!  I’m grateful!

Susan Drumm

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The setting:

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  • Arrive at the The Sanctuary in Franklin, TN on Wednesday evening. (Two nights at the Sanctuary and all meals included.)
  • Enjoy dinner with Dan to begin the conversation.
  • Thursday is a full day of exploration and planning – interspersed with walking, thinking, and introspection on the property, lunch at the Vanderbilt Legends Country Club and capped off with dinner with Dan and Joanne.
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Total experience: $ 7,500

Leave with a clear identification of the target audience, products or services offered,

marketing plan and financial projections for the next 12 months.

Love Your Work – Love Your Life

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If you’re interested in pursuing the Voila Coaching Experience with me, just email me at [email protected] with your name, contact information and a brief message.  I’ll call you to discuss your current situation and suggest some next options.

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