A Career Enhancement Process

To the American Indians, the Eagle is the most revered of all animals because it serves as the messenger between man and God, and symbolizes the freedom that arises when one is deeply connected to the divine. In both the Hebrew and Christian faiths the eagle represents the flight of the soul to heaven.  It is the symbol of faith – the connection with the seen and the unseen.  If we are to tap the wisdom and resources of God, we can learn from the ways of the Eagle.

The Career Enhancement process is a full-on, comprehensive 30-45 day process of one-on-one Life Planning and is the result of over 20 years of professional consulting and coaching with successful individuals. Their success and challenges have helped to identify a conceptual, yet structured, process that will enhance one’s personal sense of balance, focus, confidence and enthusiasm, regardless of any momentary circumstances. This is not about just “finding a job.” Each of the four sessions is approximately 2 hours in length and includes personal work assignments complementing each interaction.  The culmination is the personalized application, which takes many individualized applications, often embracing creative skills in ways never before seen as possible.  


This process involves identifying success in 7 different areas of your life.  Only after clarifying what “success” means to you can we then determine what work model and application is best.  Typical successes range from:

  • Defining one’s purpose and calling
  • Identifying means for translating that purpose into meaningful, fulfilling – and profitable work
  • Finding new employment at increased pay and better circumstances
  • Creating and launching a brand new business in a non-traditional direction
  • Purchasing a franchise, business opportunity or existing business
  • Becoming an independent contractor utilizing skills, abilities and experience
  • Engaging creative skills to generate residual income – or multiple streams of income
  • And much more… (While not common, sometimes the newfound dream position is a lowering of income and lifestyle – reflecting a more accurate positioning of the client’s own dreams – rather than the continued living out of someone else’s expectations.)


Background Profile – Personal Inventory

  • What is unique about you? What is causing unrest?
  • What are your favorite fields of knowledge?
  • Are you doing what you were destined to do?
  • What is most important to you in your relationships?
  • Is your life accomplishing anything?
  • How will you be remembered?
  • Is it too late to change?
  • Are you responding to circumstances or priorities?

Also Included:

The “Life” Plan (Life Directions Integration)

  • What have been the happiest, most fulfilling moments of your life?
  • When you daydream, what do you see yourself doing?

We will look at those issues over which you do have control and those you do not. We will eliminate feelings of being trapped or victimized. There are too many choices readily available for each of us to assume that it makes little difference what we really want. As soon as you identify what the ideal would be, you put yourself back in the driver’s seat; the challenge then is simply how to get there. Recognizing your “areas of competence” and believing you are capable of change will open up immediate and multiple options.

You will be guided through a process of identifying 5-year goals in seven different areas of your life. We will then move backward to create an action plan for one year from now, next month and starting tomorrow.

Career Applications:

Current estimates are that 50% of the jobs we will have in a few years have not been created. The workplace is changing! Non-traditional work options are growing exponentially.

Includes audio tape on Purpose, Plan and Power. This session will help you clarify:

  • Planning Days: to organize, schedule and plan.
  • Purpose Days: to do the work, create revenue, focus on results rather than time and effort.
  • Power Days: free time to rest, rejuvenate, create, learn, integrate and strengthen relationships.

Personal Mission Statement – Your Story

(Change is relentless and ever increasing in speed!)

The only way you can handle change is to know what is changeless about you.

This session includes the integration of:

  • Skills and Abilities
  • Personality Traits
  • Values, Dreams and Passions

– When you know what your values are, making decisions becomes easy.

– Peace comes from a balanced life and a clear sense of mission.

“What is important?” This goes beyond the career and financial areas and must integrate one’s spiritual and philosophical values.

Seven Phase Application

One to three year plan of action in seven areas:

  • Career
  • Social
  • Financial
  • Family
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Personal Development

Often times this process is initiated by a career change. However, we want the career or business options explored to reflect the LIFE you want. 85% of the process of having the confidence of proper direction comes from looking inward first. With clarity there, we can move boldly to the best possible applications. This may include exploration of new methods of job searching, new techniques in presenting oneself, new work models, and innovative ways of generating income.

Hundreds of Successful Professionals Across the Country Describe the Following Benefits from their Participation in the Eagle’s Club:

  • Increased confidence, boldness and enthusiasm
  • More balanced lifestyles
  • Clear goals in the 7 key areas of your life
  • More spiritual connectedness and fulfillment
  • True enjoyment of free time
  • Significant increase in net worth
  • Ability to leverage time effectively
  • More peace of mind and focused energy
  • Confident approach to the future

Total experience: $ 4,800

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