Personality Test for Life Coaches

The DISC Personality Test for Life Coaches offers a unique resource tool and product for your coaching business. Life Coaches can add it to their coaching packages, workshops, etc. or they can resell the personality tests on their own websites.
Many coaches use it as the starting point to all of their one-on-one and group coaching because it jumpstarts them into an immediate connection with their client and opens the door quickly to awareness, which is the first step to any coaching service.

Introducing Group Dynamics Report

The Group Dynamics report is a powerful way to gain insights for an entire team or organization! Utilize any of our profile options – Classic, Christian or Sales and then pull up to 70 individual reports together* for an analysis of how they all work together!

The Group Dynamics report includes:

  • A percentage breakdown of the group based on style (DISC)
  • The group dynamics under standard conditions
  • The group dynamics under stress
  • A breakdown of the group’s characteristics (low to high) in 6 key areas:
    • Detailing
    • Directing
    • Influencing
    • Persisting
    • Processing
    • Collaborating
  • Tips for improving the synergy of the group based on the results

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You have four powerful profiles to choose from. Want to know exactly what each report offers?

Click on one of the images below to download a sample report:

Classic Profile

We call this the Classic Personality Profile because it gives you all the information on personality style, strengths, communication styles and tips, etc. It is the go-to for most coaches.


Christian Gifts & Values

The Christian Gifts and Values Profile includes the 48 Days Classic Profile, PLUS a Spiritual Gifts inventory to help you understand possible areas of gifting and the areas of ministry to best focus on as well as a Values Style Profile to help understand the internal value system used daily to make judgments about tasks, relationships, issues, events, and goals.


Sales Profile

The information in our Sales Style Report is designed to help understand a person’s inherent selling style as well as how to help them become a better salesperson to ultimately close more deals, move more product or sell more services. On top of that, it provides information on how to understand how to sell to the different personality styles so you really are able to identify and connect with them.


Fitness Profile

The Group Dynamics report is a powerful way to gain insights into a group as a unit. Utilize any of our profile options – Classic, Christian or Sales and then pull up to 70 individual reports together* for an analysis of how they all work together! Great when coaching teams, businesses and organizations.


Purchasing In Bulk and Customizing for Your Coaching Business

Any of these profiles can be purchased in larger quantities at reduced rates, and can be fully customized with your branding as well as additional content.

Simply click through to any of the profiles above, and you’ll see options to purchase in multiples of five for drastic discounts.

With a 5-report minimum order, you get:

  • Your logo/branding on the front cover
  • Additional pages – add in your company mission statement, a note from the founder/pastor, bonus materials such as a video, link to eBook or product, etc
  • Rearrange the order of pages to whatever fits
  • Optional Biblical references and career match (can omit all Biblical for secular roles, delete the career match for hiring purposes, etc)
  • Custom email support for your needs

You can even resell the DISC Personality Profiles on your website.

How To Build Your Coaching Business — the 48 Days Coaching Mastery Program

DISC Certification coupled with our Coaching 101 Course, one-on-one coaching with Dan Miller and his daughter Ashley Logsdon and ongoing support via weekly trainings make up the 48 Days Coaching Mastery Program. The Coaching Mastery Program gives you the exact steps and accountability to make your vision to become a successful coach a reality. Click here to find out more.

Want to Be DISC Certified Yourself?

If all this DISC Information excites you as much as it does us, you may want to consider becoming DISC Certified. We have a 4-hour online course, that also provides you with 10 personality assessments to practice and learn with. More info

Still have questions? Our DISC Specialists are happy to lend you a hand. Reach out to us anytime.

* When purchasing the Group Dynamics Report, you must have at least 5 individual reports as well (purchased separately) to pull together for the Group Dynamics Report.