Dan, are you just taking advantage of our pain?

Here’s a question I received this week:

Dan, are you out there?  Is there really any hope?  Do you really have some workable solutions for the rest of us?  Or are you just cashing in on our insecurities? Down and out

Dear Down and Out – You are right to question spending any money or time in any self-help program.  But don’t slam the door completely.  I started selling 48 Days to the Work You Love in a 3-ring binder with two CDs in 1996.  And yes, I generated over $2 Million with that version, packaging them in our upstairs bonus room.  It has been updated repeatedly since then and was published by a major publisher in hardback form in 2005.  The brand new version was released in May of last year.  Even if it were tempting to do so it would be impossible to continue to sell the thousands of copies sold each year if the content did not in fact help people.  In today’s virtual world word spreads quickly – either good or bad.

Is it possible to sell “hype” and get rich?  Probably, but do you really think that would be work that I love?

Do I have proof it works?  Take a little time to browse through the unsolicited testimonials we receive.

Is 48 Days to the Work You Love the only way to improve your life? – of course not. Here’s a Reading List of other great books that have helped me create the life I have today.

Here’s a reality I almost hate to share – knowing it will be misinterpreted by some.  I make nickels and dimes working with people who are fearful, insecure, discouraged, angry and frustrated.  And it’s very exhausting work.  I make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year working with people who are confident, enthusiastic, bold and optimistic about the future.  Where do you think the focus of my attention is?

Choose what resources appeal to you.  Different things help people at different places in life.  Be a sponge for new information and insights that could open the door to your success.  It may be a class, a brainstorming group, a seminar, a book or a dream.

Ask yourself if being too suspicious is helping you create a better life.  If you won’t spend $10 on the chance that you could dramatically change your life – you’re probably being way too cautious.  And being suspicious of every new idea will keep you trapped in the same life you have now.


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