What airport should I fly into, and how far is it from the Sanctuary?

The Nashville International Airport (BNA) is approximately 28 minutes away from the Sanctuary.

Should I rent a car?

This is up to you, but a taxi ride can be a bit pricey! We recommend using Lyft or Uber if you want to shuttle around, and since both days will be spent at one location the whole time, this is reasonable.  Most people choose to simply rent a car.

*Special perk – get $20 credit toward your first ride with Lyft by using the code ASHLEY669768, and get a free ride through Uber by using the promo code ashleyl592!

May I bring my spouse or a guest with me?

Additional participants are $500. Bring a guest and split the cost, or bring your spouse! It’s amazing how many spouses come for “support” and end up getting so much more out of it. We have even had spouses go further with coaching certification because of what all they gleaned from it!  If you plan on making this a fun trip and staying over the weekend, there are plenty of wonderful things to do in Nashville for the family, and spouses can attend meals for $15/meal or $50 for both days.

Do you have any recommended hotels?

We will send you a welcome package with some of our favorite places to recommend – hotels as well as bed and breakfasts – as soon as you register you will get a welcome package full of details on suggestions and what to expect!  That being said, feel free to explore the options and stay wherever you want!

What time should I book my flight to arrive at the airport? When should I book my flight to depart?

The event starts promptly at 8:30am Central on Thursday and ends around 7pm Central on Friday. If you want to get the most out of it, we suggest you come in on Wednesday night so you are well-rested for a full day, and don’t book a flight before 10pm Friday night to ensure you aren’t rushing out and missing some great connections!

What if I have to cancel because of an unexpected scheduling conflict?

Fortunately, the best option is for us to simply move you back to the next available CWE event!  We are happy to just push back registration to another event. If, for some reason, you decide to pull entirely out, we will either give you a full refund or refund you minus the cost of the personality profile if you have already taken that.

What should I wear to the conference?

As soon as you register, you will get a full welcome package that details exactly what to expect, including the average weather, etc. Wear comfortable clothes, as we will tour around the property on a mulch trail one of the days whenever the weather is best. You’ll be sitting and potentially eating outside, so comfortable clothes are a must. However, keep in mind this is also a professional event and an opportunity to network with others. Although you can show up in your pjs, we recommend a little more classiness than that! 🙂

What if I have dietary needs?

We typically have some sort of option for vegetarians and gluten-free, but please let us know so we can ensure there is something to eat at every event. If you have severe restrictions, there is a grocery store down the street and we have a fridge to store any food you need to supply yourself.

What kind of people attend this event?

Game-changers; highly driven entrepreneurs ready to take action!