Still unsure about coming? Read the feedback from others who attended!

Hello Dan and everyone else at 48 Days!

This letter is to thank you for all that you have done for us. I am so thankful that we found you almost a year ago and that we were able to attend your Coaching with Excellence last year. I have been meaning to write to you and tell you what a huge impact it has had.
We have been implementing the changes and our new found thought system and have managed to cut our expenses, change our business to include no employees (only independent contractors) and increase our income. And that is not even the best part!
The best part is that we have so much more time for our marriage, our family and time to give back to the community. We are alive!
We listen regularly and read the books that you recommend back to back. The last one was ‘The Art of Non-Conformity’ and now we are reading ‘4 Hour Work Week’. The opportunities just keep getting better!
I hope we can connect with all of you sometime this year. If not please know that we are still listening and still working toward the work and life we love! (The James Michener quote hangs in our office and home!)

Stacy & Jesse Westfall

Thank you for encouraging me to come out to Coaching With Excellence. The material you and your father presented was worth the trip, but being around that many like-minded people and developing relationships with them was like getting a whole additional course added on top of all that I learned. ~Julia

My biggest takeaway from attending Coaching with Excellence: Ideas for repackaging my services, repurposing material, and developing new income streams. I was really impressed with the level of openness Dan had in sharing how he did the things that have succeeded for him. That kind of info is usually guarded.  Substantial tuition, but I think I’ll get good ROI by getting access to this info and Dan’s mindset that looks for opportunities to provide value and produce revenue.

Wanted to say too: I will never forget meeting Dan for the first time in the entry to the Sanctuary. I’ve been a fan for years – listened to CDs, heard him on Dave Ramsey, bought the books…. Walking in, I was warmed by Dan’s smile, friendly greeting, and his comments that showed me right away that he’d read the info I’d sent about myself. I felt like a somebody from the beginning of the event.

Huge thanks to Dan, Ashley, Joanne, and everyone else who helped with the Coaching with Excellence event! You can read books and study articles off the internet, but nothing can replicate face-to-face interaction and creating new friendships with like-minded individuals. Thank you for hosting such a memorable occasion. ~Marilynn

Great information that can be put to use immediately. Reinforcement of values. Direction and encouragement. I was very impressed with the whole project. Great people. ~Steve

The best takeaway was the motivation that I can do what Dan did.  By explaining how he got to the place in life he enjoys now, Dan made it seem completely realistic and possible for the rest of us. ~Shelly

The best thing for me was that it was an affirmation of my calling. I am supposed to help people improve on their lives. I have been doing it for years in one form or another and I am energized when I do.  ~Jay

The atmosphere of being with people with the same interests was great. It is a class that gives you so much information that you will continually be receiving from it. ~Moren