Do you have what it takes to become a coach?

Instead of simply being certified, how about a true mastery program to walk you through the coaching process so you can, indeed, call yourself an expert!

The investment of $4800 in this program is not just about being willing to invest in yourself. It’s a commitment to show up, engage in the process, and get your coaching in! 

During the program, you are required to complete 48+ hours of paid coaching. If you even do it at $100/hr, that would mean if you did the bare minimum, that is $4800 back in your pocket.

So if you’re questioning whether this is worth it, keep this in mind – you succeed in the program, you make that $4800 back!

To be successful as a coach, you need to learn both the dynamics of coaching and the principles of business.

The Coaching Mastery Program gives you the exact steps and accountability to make your vision to become a successful coach a reality. Our goal is to help you make the world a better place – to encourage and inspire others to their highest level of excellence – and to put you in the top 5% category of coaches who can comfortably show their own personal success. When you go through the Coaching Mastery Program, you will be making money before you even finish it!


  • The dynamics of personally engaging with a client
  • How to clarify options, encourage, to confront when necessary and to guide the client to new levels of success
  • How to lead with powerful questions, and empower the clients to discover their own “ah-ha” moments
  • How to gain credibility and position yourself as a paid coach

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People pay for competence and results, not for the privilege of looking at a diploma. The Coaching Mastery Program is above and beyond a simple slip of paper. We want you to be a 48 Days Certified Coach…yet we understand that simply putting that logo on your website does not mean anything unless you’ve truly achieved hands-on coaching success.

The Main Components of the Coaching Mastery Program

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This four-hour long course is rich with both audio and video content that will certify you to use behavioral analysis as part of your coaching practice As soon as you get started, you are set up with this online training program to dive deep into these powerful personality profiles and see how you can immediately start using them in your business. In as little as 5 hours, you can get your first certification as a DISC Instructor. A $627 value Additionally, we stock you with 10 DISC profiles you can customize for your business – you are fully equipped to start coaching immediately! A $285 value

This is an online course to walk you through both the practice of coaching and the business of coaching. This was our original coaching program and stands alone as a powerful resource. It includes: worksheets plus 6 hours of online audio and video lessons and a way to track your progress through the course. Plus it’s mobile friendly so you can soak up the great info while on the go. A $697 value

The kit contains everything you need to unlock who you are and how to position yourself for your greatest success. We actually send you two kits – one for your own personal library, and a seminar kit to share with clients!

Your Mastery Resource Kit includes:

  • Coaching Starter Kit Handbook
  • 48 Days to the Work You Love 20th Anniversary hardback book
  • 48 Days to the Work You Love Application Guide
  • The Prosperous Coach
  • Rudder of the Day

Plus One Seminar Participant Kit!

This seminar participant kit is what someone gets when they go through our 48 Days To The Work You Love Online Seminar, or as a participant in one of our 48 Days Workshops.

As a Coaching Mastery coach, you have access to all our resources for being a 48 Days Facilitator – so you’ll get the inside scoop on the opportunity to add this in as a workshop resource if it fits your model.

The Seminar Kit includes:

  • An autographed hardback copy of the 20th Anniversary Edition of 48 Days To the Work You Love ($20 value)
  • The 260-page Application Guide ($197 value)
  • A copy of Rudder of the Day ($14 value)
  • Access to a 35-page online personalized 48 Days Personality Profile ($28.50 value)

Use this seminar kit for your own personal library or to gift to your clients!

If you want to be a 48 Days Facilitator, this is a great step in that direction! There are three requirements to be a facilitator:

  • Be a member of our 48 Days Eagles Community (you get one year free access in the Coaching Mastery program)
  • Go through the 48 Days to the Work You Love Online Seminar Program (free access as a Coaching Mastery Coach)
  • Be an active member in our 48 Days Eagles Facilitator’s Group

At over an $800 value, this is great setup for support with a ready-made course to help others walk through their own “work they love” journey. While this may not fit for every coach going through the Mastery program, there are many who find this as a great additional revenue stream opportunity.

Dan’s Daughter, Ashley Logsdon, has been working alongside him for over 15+ years as Chief Encouragement Officer and DISC expert. In addition to her role with 48 Days, she has her own business, Mama Says Namaste, that helps entrepreneurs and families live with intention and create a family life they love coming home to.

In the Coaching Mastery Program, Ashley will work with you one-on-one to dive into your specific personality profile. She’ll help you assess how your strengths can be leveraged in your coaching business and how some of your triggers could become pitfalls so you can watch for them. This coaching session will not only help you as you develop your coaching business, it will serve as a great model for how you can use the DISC profiles in your coaching business. A $450 value

You will have access to an invitation only Coaching Mastery Program group on Mighty Networks for 12 months*. Available 24/7, you can post discussions, ask questions, share success, resources and more with other members of the Coaching Mastery Program. This is an active group, and where most of our correspondence takes place.

You will also have access to the 48 Days Eagles Community for 12 months. This community will give you additional training resources, access to the Eagles Monday Mentor Calls and entrance into that exclusive Coaching Mastery group. As a 48 Days Coaching Mastery Coach, you are positioned as a mentor in our 1k+ membership community. 

A $504 value

* After the first 12 months, you may continue with the weekly calls and private community group access (both Coaching Mastery and Eagles) as long as you’d like for $68/month.

What started out as a quarterly group coaching call quickly turned into a weekly Mastermind group, and it has by far been the most powerful component of the whole Mastery Program. Every week on Tuesdays from 1:302:30 central, we host a live Zoom call to discuss a topic related to coaching. We dig into topics like client challenges, coaches spotlight, marketing your business, what to charge, and powerful book discussions throughout the year.

You get access to these mastermind calls for 12 months plus the opportunity to continue on the calls after you are certified.* You’ll be able to connect with a coach who started from nothing (not even a website) and catapulted through the program with 180 paid hours of coaching within the first four months! Or another who recently celebrated bringing in a six-figure income with coaching while only doing it part-time. A $576 value

* After the 12 first months, you may continue with the weekly calls and private online group access as long as you’d like for $68/month.

Once you’ve completed Coaching 101 and DISC Certification, we will arrange four phone calls (approximately one hour each) with Dan. This is not a cookie-cutter approach. We have had established coaches who have breezed through this program and done a deep-dive one-day session with Dan for their coaching calls. We have had people who have gone into this for coaching, and, through the introspection and coaching from Dan, have found a variety of alternatives – staying on with companies yet with the establishment of coaching, becoming authors, speakers, or collaborating with other business ventures. These calls are completely customized to what you want your coaching business to look like, and Dan dives deep into your personal values, dreams and passion. A $2400 value

Once you are certified, we’ll mail you an official “48 Days Certified Coach” plaque and certificate with a 48 Days raised seal as well as send you the branding for your website indicating you are both DISC Certified and a 48 Days Certified Coach. A $576 value

Additionally, if you choose to remain with us, you can continue on the Coaching Mastery Calls and in our community PLUS you can be listed for FREE on the 48 Days Coach Page for only $68/month. 

With a mere 15 hours a week, you can feasibly build a thriving coaching business.

With those 15 hours we suggest you divide them as follows:

3 hours – Gathering Knowledge – reading, studying, gathering new knowledge (20%)

5 hours – Creating content – working on your book, courses, coaching packages (33%)

4 hours – Client Engagement – working directly with clients (27%)

3 hours – Business Building – marketing efforts to build your brand and reputation (20%)

Here are the key topics we dig deep on in our weekly Coaching Mastery Mastermind Calls:


  • What are some of the major issues that beginning coaches face?
  • All Things DISC
  • What’s Holding You Back?
  • Are You An Effective Coach?
  • You Are Not Alone


  • How to Tell a Story to engage your prospects
  • Agreements, Contracts, and Covering Your Bases
  • What do I charge?
  • Your Value Proposition Statement
  • Clarify Coaching Packages – time and dollars


  • How Do You Coach Yourself? 
  • How are you “selling” your coaching?
  • Your Coaching “Set-Up”
  • Connecting well and moving a client forward


  • How can you leverage your message for Extraordinary Income?
  • Are you selling something “valuable” or “expensive?”
  • 7 Benefits of Being a Professional Coach
  • Building a Coaching Business with only 15 hours a week
  • Does Your Website pass the “Grunt Test?”
  • Consultative Selling vs Normal Selling
  • What makes you “The” coach rather than “A” coach?
  • Filling Your Coaching Schedule
  • Love the “hard” part

Coaching Mastery is absolutely packed full of resources and opportunities that go beyond learning the coaching skills to looking at how you can incorporate coaching into a sustainable business model.

One of the primary components that sets our Coaching Mastery Program apart from others is the hands-on coaching we require from day 1. While we are always looking for ways to improve our coaching skills as well, oftentimes the biggest struggle coaches face is not being able to create a business with it.

As part of the program, we want to set you up with confidence and knowing your value so you know how to get paid for the services you offer. We offer four opportunities for this, as you grow in your coaching:

  • The Eagles Hotline – learn to ask the right questions and build relationships that lead to more involved coaching.
  • Eagles Office Hours – Group Coaching and Facilitation opportunities in a Q&A, informal format helps you build the tools of facilitation.
  • The Eaglet Package – We’ll actually refer coaching clients to you who are looking for discounted coaching in specific areas (and yes, these are $250 in your pocket for every client you gain while in the program).
  • Leading Coaching Mastery Calls – Home your presentation skills and get comfortable in a group leadership setting – all around the topic of coaching.

A $7047 value for $4800.

You don’t pay anything until your application is approved.

You can pay in one payment or 6 monthly payments.

We require 48+ hours of paid coaching as part of the certification process. If you charge only $100 for an hour of coaching and simply do the minimum requirement, you have paid for this program!

Couples Discount if you go through the course together.

Coaching Mastery Certified Coaches Give Answers To Your Most-Asked Questions


Send In Your Application for the Coaching Mastery Program

This is an elite program, and we’re ready to walk you through it. Dan and Ashley will review your application and be back in touch with you re: whether or not we think this exclusive coaches training program is for you. Join us and start calling yourself a successful coach.

NOTE:  There is no obligation to apply for the Coaching Mastery Program, so if you have an interest in becoming a Coach, please go ahead and apply so we can help you determine if Coaching Mastery is right for you.