Do you have what it takes to become a coach?


Instead of simply being certified, how about a true mastery program to walk you through the coaching process so you can, indeed, call yourself an expert!

To be successful as a coach, you need to learn both the dynamics of coaching and the principles of business.

The Coaching Mastery Program gives you the exact steps and accountability to make your vision to become a successful coach a reality. Our goal is to help you make the world a better place – to encourage and inspire others to their highest level of excellence – and to put you in the top 5% category of coaches who can comfortably show their own personal success. When you go through the Coaching Mastery Program, you will be making money before you even finish it!


  • The dynamics of personally engaging with a client
  • How to clarify options, encourage, to confront when necessary and to guide the client to new levels of success
  • How to lead with powerful questions, and empower the clients to discover their own “ah-ha” moments
  • How to gain credibility and position yourself as a paid coach

Become a 48 Days Certified Coach

People pay for competence and results, not for the privilege of looking at a diploma. The Coaching Mastery Program is above and beyond a simple slip of paper. We want you to be a 48 Days Certified Coach…yet we understand that simply putting that logo on your website does not mean anything unless you’ve truly achieved hands-on coaching success.

The Main Components of the Coaching Mastery Program

This four-hour long course is rich with both audio and video content that will certify you to use behavioral analysis as part of your coaching practice As soon as you get started, you are set up with this online training program to dive deep into these powerful personality profiles and see how you can immediately start using them in your business. In as little as 5 hours, you can get your first certification as a DISC Instructor. A $627 value Additionally, we stock you with 10 DISC profiles you can customize for your business – you are fully equipped to start coaching immediately! A $285 value

This is an online course to walk you through both the practice of coaching and the business of coaching. This was our original coaching program, and stands alone as a powerful resource. It includes: worksheets, 6 hours of audio and video lessons and a way to track your progress through the course. Plus it’s mobile friendly so you can soak up the great info while on the go. A $697 value

This is jam-packed with all of our 48 Days materials, plus a Coaching Starter Kit book that should be in every coach’s toolbox! Includes:

  • Coaching Starter Kit Handbook
  • Wisdom Meets Passion (plus the Field Guide and Quotes eBook/Desktop Wallpaper)
  • No More Dreaded Mondays
  • 48 Days to the Work You Love hardback book and Application Guide
  • 48 No or Low-Cost Business Ideas PDF
  • Rudder of the Day
  • and of course, our 48 “papa treat” peppermints.A $203 value

Online access to 48 Days Seminars as a Facilitator. Get 1 seminar kit and a $100 sign-on bonus for anyone who participates in the online course. A $800 value

Dan’s Daughter, Ashley Logsdon, who has been working alongside of him for 15 years, will work wit you one-on-one to dive into your specific personality profile, how your strengths can be leveraged in your coaching business and how some of your triggers could become pitfalls so you can watch for them. This coaching session will not only help you as you develop your coaching business, it will serve as a great model for how you can use the DISC profiles in your coaching business. A $350 value

You will have access to an invitation only Coaching Mastery Program group on FaceBook for 6 months. Available 24/7, you can post discussions, ask questions, share success, resources and more with other members of the Coaching Mastery Program. This is an active group, and where most of our correspondence takes place. After the 6 months, you will have the opportunity to continue with the group as long as you’d like. A $288 value

What started out as a quarterly group coaching call quickly turned into a weekly Mastermind group, and it has by far been the most powerful component of the whole Mastery Program. Every week on Tuesdays from 1:302:30 central, we host a live Zoom call to discuss a topic related to coaching. We dig into topics like client challenges, coaches spotlight, marketing your business, what to charge, and powerful book discussions throughout the year. You get access to these mastermind calls for 6 months plus the opportunity to continue on the calls after you are certified. You’ll be able to connect with a coach who started from nothing (not even a website) and catapulted through the program with 180 paid hours of coaching within the first four months! Or another who recently celebrated bringing in a six-figure income with coaching while only doing it part-time. A $576 value

Once you’ve completed Coaching 101 and DISC Certification, we will arrange four phone calls (approximately one hour each) with Dan. This is not a cookie-cutter approach. We have had established coaches who have breezed through this program and done a deep-dive one-day session with Dan for their coaching calls. We have had people who have gone into this for coaching, and, through the introspection and coaching from Dan, have found a variety of alternatives – staying on with companies yet with the establishment of coaching, becoming authors, speakers, or collaborating with other business ventures. These calls are completely customized to what you want your coaching business to look like, and Dan dives deep into your personal values, dreams and passion. A $2400 value

Once you are certified, we’ll mail you an official “48 Days Certified Coach” plaque and certificate with a 48 Days raised seal as well as send you the branding for your website indicating you are both DISC Certified and a 48 Days Certified Coach. PLUS you can be listed for FREE on the 48 Days Coach Page. A $576 value

Once a year we host a Coaching Mastermind Event – this is a private event only available for people in our Coaching Mastery Program. Held at “The Sanctuary” in Franklin, TN, in this two-day intensive event, we’ll address the nitty-gritty details and questions you have after having gone through the program. Limited to around 15 “Eaglepreneurs,” we will go through each coach’s business and help you get an outside perspective on what you can do to improve your coaching business.

Our Next Coaching Mastermind Event: November 8-9th, 2018

*You get the first 2 day event PLUS all meals covered. Lodging and transportation are your responsibility. You may come back to this event for $500.

A $500 value

The bestselling book for coaches looking to build a practice with a small number of high-performing, high-paying clients. With over 40,000 copies sold, The Prosperous Coach has helped thousands of coaches and consultants build their businesses by invitation and referral only. This book has been in the top 10 books on coaching on Amazon for over 3 years.

A $7047 value for $4800.

You don’t pay anything until your application is approved.

You can pay in one payment or 6 monthly payments.

Couples Discount if you go through the course together.

Coaching Mastery Certified Coaches Give Answers To Your Most-Asked Questions


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This is an elite program, and we’re ready to walk you through it. Dan and Ashley will review your application and be back in touch with you re: whether or not we think this exclusive coaches training program is for you. Join us and start calling yourself a successful coach.