Christmas Open House Recap

Our First Annual Christmas Open House was a great success–we had so much fun meeting everyone, and this will now be an annual event.  Go ahead and mark your calendars for December 3rd, 2011!

Open House Success!

Wow, we were blown away by the turnout of incredible people for our first annual Open House we had on Saturday, December 11th.

Here’s a note from Joanne:

Just wanted to say thank you to all who showed for the Open House.  Thank you for coming in spite of the rain and cold! Thank you for your kind words, your affirmations, your generous spirits.  We at 48 Days thoroughly enjoyed it all.  We talked afterwards that we couldn’t imagine it going any better than it did. We had a LOT of people…..some we knew and many we didn’t.  It was so awesome to meet new faces and be able to see how the 48 Days “family” has grown.  And it was great to have many of you bring your whole family!  I’ll have to admit that Dan and I were exhausted after it was over but it was a GREAT exhaustion and we will definitely plan another one!  Holiday blessings and a heartfelt THANKS to all of you!  Joanne Miller

It was such a great event, we plan on doing it for years to come.  Check out our Open House video here:

I really enjoyed meeting you and all of your family. It just validated what I had already sensed by listening to your podcast, newsletter and reading your books; that you are genuinely interested in other people’s lives and are a great person. Your wife and family were equally down to earth and very friendly. My family instantly connected with you and saw what I meant when I told them about you and Joanne was like talking to a favorite Aunt and I liked her instantly! You have forever made a fan out of me and I truly believe in your teachings and the message that you spread out everyday, you are not only leading people down the correct path to find work they love, but also building confidence, wisdom and a feeling of belonging. Can’t wait until the next “Open House” and to speak to you all again. Take care and have a happy holiday season and New Year. May we all prosper in 2011.

Rob Simpson
Centerville, TN

For those of you who wanted pictures from the event, you can access the Picasa web album with all the great shots here:

Or simply view the slideshow:

Dan, thank you for welcoming us to your Sanctuary. It’s really amazing that even though you and your family have so much on your plate, that you still find time to embrace the community. I wished that I had even more time to stay and meet all of the different people and the interesting and inspirational ideas that they’re putting into motion. I get excited for them by just listening.

I also wanted to say that you are certainly blessed with a wonderful family. Joanne does light up the room and is very warming, and I also met Nathan who was super to talk with. I hope everyone has a safe and meaningful Christmas and I look forward to stopping in for another event soon.

Jody Young

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