Can I pray for profit?

1. How do I answer questions about my current salary on online company job applications? I know you recommend putting off answering what my salary expectations are for the position being interviewed until the right time, but didn’t know how to answer if they outright asked about my current salary.

2. Quick question, in the book 48 Days to the Work You Love, it mentions sending an introduction letter and a cover letter. What’s the difference?

3. I have had five great jobs in the past 10 years and have been laid off from all of them due to downsizings, buyouts/takeovers, reorganizations, and company bankruptcies. I am completely exhausted by all the job searches I have had to do, and I feel that the next job I get will not last anyway. What can I do to have a better attitude toward the job search and toward my future employer? I am a good employee and get great performance reviews, but the companies that hire me keep going under!

4. A prominent health expert recently asked me to read his new book and give an endorsement. Unfortunately, I am about half-way through the book and, well, it is not good. He goes too far into unproven techniques and methods that I do not agree with. I would love for my name to be associated with his but I’m not sure how to handle the endorsement. I don’t agree with what he has written and don’t feel it is best for patients.

5. Can you suggest some reasons to put in a cover letter and use in an interview about why I’m leaving my current position? I’ve read that you should never bad-mouth your current/former employer.

6. Dan what I love to do is evangelize. I go to the streets pass out tracts, preach, talk with people, feed the homeless and pray with people. Only problem is that I have no income from this but would like some. How can I use this passion to create one?

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