Boomerang Kids

Yes, that’s really the term for kids that go off to college or the great job – only to return to the safety net of Mom and Dad at some point.  I recently had a May graduate describe this issue:

“I live at home with my parents which isn’t exactly conducive to building a social life. The rent’s hard to beat, the food is great and we even have this great laundry service where you put your clothes on the floor and this magical fairy washes and presses them, but I’m a little restless and frustrated, especially since I haven’t found a job yet.” 

He wasn’t being totally honest since he was in fact working — $8.00/hr at a job which he wrote “is about as exciting as watching grass grow; only I have to be indoors and listen to Muzak.”

Of course with a B.A. in English he should be landing that prestigious $75K/yr position any day now.

Still working toward your dream job – create your own 48 Day plan:

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