So glad to hear you are interested in teaching the 48 Days Workshops!

Anyone can teach the 48 Days Workshops – we provide everything you need to get started. These materials basically work for any age group, gender, class or creed—it is full of basic principles that apply to everyone!

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The process of leading a 48 Days workshop is as simple as getting the Leader’s Guide and getting a group together.  The details beyond that are up to your specific situation.

The Comprehensive Leader’s Guide


  • Lesson plans complete with discussion-promoting questions and topics
  • Handouts and registration information for setting up classes
  • Two inspirational digital eBooks: “Stories from Dan” and “48 Tips”
  • Online inside access to download handouts, interact with other facilitators, and get everything you need for your class
  • 48 Days Career Personality Profile (same as what participants get in their full kit)
  • Introduction DVD to start each of the 12 lessons
  • Full-length 6-series workshop DVDs taught by Dan to basically lead the class for you!

ELECTRONIC ACCESS: Leader’s Guide + One Ultimate Seminar Participant Package | $127

You get instant access to the PDF of the Leader’s Guide.  We’ll ship you a full seminar participant package and the DVDs so you are prepared with a sample kit and the DVDs to facilitate!

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Ultimate Seminar Participant Package:

These are the perfect participant kits that provide a big bang for the buck. The materials listed in the Participant Package below are not available for sale to the general public–they can’t get the Application Guide anywhere. If you are purchasing as a facilitator, the price is only $69 each!

The Seminar Participant Package includes crucial components for leading the class:

These are available to facilitators for only $69.

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For the  bare minimum, you can purchase JUST the 48 Days to the Work You Love: Application Guide for $20 each — product only available for Facilitators.

*Bonus–the Application Guide comes with a free digital “Stories from Dan” eBook, plus many more online resources!

You are welcome to buy any of our additional products in bulk (quantity discounts will show when you update the quantity in the cart).


Dan is currently updating this item. Please check back!


[tab title=”Facilitator Community”]

48 Days Community –

This is an AMAZING resource for you all!  You’ll see that I already have a 48 Days Facilitators Group going for anyone leading the classes — it’s all about marketing/positioning, questions on how to effectively lead the workshops, etc.

Become a member of the 48 Days Community (free) and read all about it – learn how to really make these classes pop!

**To be a 48 Days Facilitator, we ask you to join this 48 Days Facilitator’s Group – this is how you will stay updated on any changes to the curriculum, new insights, etc.


48 Days Workshop participants can access all kinds of resources on their own landing page HERE.


[tab title=”Teaching for Profit”]
If you are looking at this as a for-profit venture to incorporate into a coaching business, we will be offering 3 trainings a year where you can learn more about how to build your coaching business, including income-generating opportunities like leading seminars-both 48 Days Seminars and your own! (January, May and September). 

Please note that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and these classes as a for-profit venture are usually utilized as a segue into personal coaching. We do not intend for this to be a sole source of income for someone; merely an additional money-making opportunity. You are not required to go through any training to teach these seminars.

Certification training developed out of the requests from our facilitators for a hands-on workshop with us on how to best utilize the seminars in their own businesses. We certified facilitators for a while, and now see our need to really focus on creating great coaches; then, leading the seminars is easy! If you are a coach, teacher, or otherwise have established yourself in a leadership role, this may be a great fit for you. Being a facilitator is just one small part in these events, and the focus is actually on building your coaching business utilizing seminars as one way of income.[/tab]

Promotional Materials | Workshop FAQs | Informational Podcasts

If you have any questions regarding the classes, or any event updates/testimonials, etc., please email us HERE!

Keynote Presentation by Dan

Personal presentation by Dan on “Hold Fast to Dreams” or “Is Your Job Your Calling”* Free with purchase of 100+ ULTIMATE Seminar Participant Packages ($69 each). Yes, you can combine with other organizations or churches in your area to get a group of 100+!**

*Dan has kicked off the seminars with a bang by speaking at your church/organization.  Although he is listed through the Premiere Speakers Bureau at $10,000, Dan has committed to helping you launch the seminar program in your organization. You can book Dan to speak directly here.

**Plus travel expenses for one