Be a Friend

I receive several quotes of the day.  I’ve always appreciated morsels of truth captured in a sentence or two.  A couple of days ago this was the quotation from the Napoleon Hill Foundation.   This quotation and the following thoughts here are presented exactly as I received them.  I thought it was worth passing along.

“If you wish “acquaintanceship,” be rich. If you wish friends, be a friend.”

There is nothing like money to make you attractive and appealing to others. But, of course, the kind of people who are attracted to you only because of what you can do for them may be acquaintances, not friends. You may have many acquaintances if you become wealthy, but whatever your station in life may be, you will never have true friends unless you are a friend to others. Be very selective in your choice of friends. Choose to associate with positive people who like you for the person you are, who encourage you to be yourself and to be the best you can be.

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