Are you “wisdom” or “passion?”

I’m doing lots of radio interviews this week based on the content of Wisdom Meets Passion, the new book that I wrote with my 34-yr-old son Jared.  It’s not uncommon for a radio host not to have read the book prior to our interview.  And it’s been interesting to get a glimpse of the common perceptions of the book from those who are seeing it for the first time.

WMP - Dan & Jared

Dan and Jared with our book cover photo

For example, people are asking:

  1. Does your son Jared represent “passion” while you represent “wisdom?”  Or
  2. How much of Jared’s content did you have to remove because you didn’t agree with it?
  3. Aren’t you disappointed that Jared never went to college?

Let me give a brief response to these:

  • Jared represents both wisdom and passion.  Passion without wisdom can be dangerous and very self-centered.  That’s not what I see in Jared.  His intentional and meaningful application of knowledge (wisdom) would put many baby boomers to shame.  And I trust that I have not lost my passion.  Few things are more pathetic than an older person with wisdom but no passion.  And perhaps the biggest tragedy of all is seeing the thousands of baby boomers flocking to retirement centers with neither passion nor wisdom—looking back on a life with dreams unfulfilled and looking forward to the drab existence of meaningless days leading to ultimate death.
  •  I did not remove a single word of Jared’s contributions to the book based on not agreeing with him.  Yes, it’s true we’ve chosen to live very different lifestyles – but at the core our values and beliefs are identical.  While I expected our input to be very different (and it is) the idea that I would have to censor or correct Jared never even occurred to me.
  •  Am I disappointed that Jared never went to college?  In Chapter Three I describe how I value “education,” and believe me I do.  But education occurs in many ways in addition to sitting in a classroom regurgitating textbook information.  Jared has traveled the world.  We were joking just last week that their new baby – Saoirse Sky – was born here in Franklin, TN but in the first 8 weeks of her life has now been to Houston, Canada, New York City, London, Nairobi, and finally to her new home in Mombasa, Kenya.  Jared’s education has included traveling, being immersed in multiple cultures, speaking multiple languages, meeting with prime ministers and other world leaders, speaking at major universities, marrying an amazingly gifted woman, living an extraordinary life, and truly being a world changer.  Yeah, I’m pretty torn up that he doesn’t have that all important BS behind his name.  It’s really holding him back in life.

Check out the beautiful 1.58 minute video here that describes the heart of Wisdom Meets Passion.  And tell us how you’re relating to the younger – or older – generations.

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