Are you “waiting on God?”

“Indecision and the unwillingness to take action are often described as patience – or ‘waiting on God.” — Dan Miller

How many times have I heard mature people tell me they are just “waiting on God?”   While it sounds very spiritual, self-sacrificing and honorable, I also find that more often than not it’s just a politically correct way of procrastinating or justifying indecision.  Instead of gathering information, creating a plan, and taking action, they can comfortably hide out in a theological wilderness with all the other Egyptians while doing nothing.

Hungry kids, mortgage bankers, and spouses who are exhausted and overworked don’t want to hear that you are “waiting on God.”

Tonight, Thursday August 11 I’ll be doing a free 48 minute teleseminar about this topic.

  My “Don’t Get Cooked in the Squat” post on Tuesday prompted lots of discussion – I’m eager to expand that to a full teleseminar to answer your questions.

Listen to the replay anytime here:

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