Are you “pushed” by pain or “pulled” by passion?

We are told there are two primary motivations that have the potential to move us forward;  Pain and Passion.  We all know pain can be a powerful motivator.  It has the potential to PUSH us, but I also know it can be very temporary.  If I hit my thumb with a hammer I’ll move my hand very quickly.  But as soon as the pain subsides a little the motivation may diminish as well.  We’ve all seen people who are in extreme pain, and yet with just a little relief they back off and stay in a compromised position.  The job stinks but at least they fixed my broken chair.  I sometimes accuse people of choosing “comfortable misery” over the excellence they could be moving toward.

Passion, on the other hand, tends to PULL us toward something.  Personally, I prefer to be pulled toward
something, rather than feeling pushed along.  But then passion too can be temporary.  We have to take positive action rather than just reacting to pain.  And with no action we can also succumb to the status quo, or comfortable and predictable misery.

Traditional counseling tends to address those issues caused by pain.  Coaching tends to help people identify their passions and to help them create a plan for fulfilling those passions. It often surprises me how difficult people find it to identify their passions.  It seems the realities of life sometimes cause people to lose sight of, or become numb to, their passions.  But I believe they are there nonetheless.  You can identify those recurring dreams, your ideal life and the things you would most like to accomplish.  In doing so, you connect with the healthy “pull of passion” rather than the pathological “push of pain.”

(If you’re a coach – this is your task.  Help your clients identify and engage their passions.  Want to be a successful and profitable coach?  Join us May 24-25th for Coaching with Excellence here at the Sanctuary in Franklin, TN.)

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