Are you afraid of losing your job?

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According to a recent survey, 19% of American workers are afraid of losing their jobs within the next six months. Almost 40%Job - I am not my job say they fear not being able to get another job with comparable pay and benefits.

American creativity and ingenuity have been stifled by the notion that someone owes us the opportunity to work and financial security in retirement. You might believe that, but the people you work for disagree. Corporations and organizations are looking for ways to minimize payroll and eliminate long-term obligations. 

If your future depends on your ability to keep a job and/or your company-based retirement, here is some food for thought.

The average American changes jobs every 27 months. About half of these job changes are involuntary. There is a real good chance you will be terminated during your career… more than once!

People in their 50s and 60s are the new wave of American entrepreneurs. Why? Companies see these workers as financial liabilities. Health care costs, salaries, and retirement are three big reasons companies are letting this group go. With a chip on their shoulders and experience in their pockets, this generation is choosing to take the future into its own hands. 

When you work for you, only you can fire you. Most of us don’t realize our potential. There is incredible creativity that has been lying dormant in our lives. When you take a close look at your personality, passions, and opportunities, you’ll unlock the secret to meaningful work and long term financial security. Your earning potential will be unlimited and the freedom you experience will astound you. 

You don’t have to be afraid of losing your job if you have a what-if plan. What will you do if you lose your job in the next six months? What can you do right now to discover your uniqueness and leverage it for the benefit of those who matter to you? 

If you start preparing now, you will be ready for whatever happens. I know where you can find a proven process that only takes 48 days. You don’t have to prepare for the future, but it will show up whether you are prepared or not. Think about it.

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