Applied Passion

This morning Jared and I were on CH 4 here in Nashville on a noon program called More at Midday – promoting the release of Wisdom Meets Passion.  The interviewer asked us questions about finding our own passion and wisdom.  In listening to Jared talk, I was reminded again of how his passion is never expressed for his benefit only, but always to help elevate someone else to a higher level.

I never made the connection while writing the manuscript but this morning – perhaps as a deposit in my wisdom – I realized how closely connected “passion” and “compassion” are.  The dictionary defines “compassion” as simply with passion.  Passion expressed for our own good only can look like greed, avarice, materialism, self-centeredness, arrogance and more.  Compassion clearly implies our desire to be of service and to help others succeed.

We’ve got a unique experiment going on to encourage you to develop your passion and wisdom – and your compassion as well.  In today’s economy there are some really cool ways we can do business – and what we’re doing with the release of Wisdom Meets Passion is an example of that.  I’d love to have you involved – in whatever way you choose to do so.  Click on the photo or the link here to how some others in this community jumped in over the weekend – Wisdom Meets Passion.

Tomorrow I’ll tell why my own flesh-and-blood son has a different last name than mine – go figure!

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