Answer this and change your life

This morning I was reading Dan Sullivan’s How To Get To The Top And Stay There (available as a free download).  Dan has been a coach of high achievers for many years.

Dan stresses the importance of having a clear vision for your future.  If your vision of your future isn’t significantly different than what your life looks like now, then why change anything?  But if you do want your future to be different, here is a powerful question to get you started.

“If we were meeting here three years from today, looking back over those three years, what has to have happened, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy with your progress?”

If you can answer that question in a way that any listener can understand, I’m confident you’ve already set things in motion to get to that future you’ve described.  Dan says successful people have successful habits.  If you want to see a different kind of results in your life, you don’t need more discipline; you just need different habits.  Unsuccessful people have unsuccessful habits.  Your current habits produce the kind of life you have now – so if you want a different life, change some of your habits.

I love the process of seeing a different future and am constantly changing my habits.  I just completed a 10-day detox diet to see if I could address some fatigue challenges – and was blown away by the dramatic difference of changing my eating habits for just 10 days.  That prompted me to ask – “In what other areas of my life am I experiencing mediocre success because of long-term habits.”

I suspect you have some areas where you could dramatically change your results too if you changed your habits.  Think about the possibilities in your:

  • Health
  • Relationships with spouse, children, parents, neighbors
  • Sales Skills
  • Income generation
  • Speaking ability
  • Writing ability

I may try a “detox” in some other areas of my life.  Where could you jump forward in your life by changing some simple habits?

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