books that will make you a millionaire

I want to be a millionaire in 3 years!

A listener shares that he wants to be a millionaire in 3 years. I don’t know of any more direct path to making that happen than to read the right books that train your mind and open your eyes to the opportunities. Here’s my list of the 14 that opened the doors for me. Episode…

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feeling stuck

I know what to do but can’t make myself do it

A listener asked if there were terms to describe this. Yes, there are but you don’t want them associated with your name! Here are some steps to take when you are hesitating the action that will lead you to new success. Episode #760 January 15, 2021 Hi this is Dan Miller – and yes you’re…

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achieve your goals

Have you decided to be more successful next year?

3 Tips On How To Achieve Your Goals Often, we have someone call our office about making a change in his or her life.  We send information and then hear nothing.  Two years later, that person calls and says, “Now I’m ready to really create a plan.”  What I always wonder is, What did they…

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How can I stop being a loser?

A listener says he’s been living a lie. He knows what to do, but is afraid of failing, so he does nothing. I’ve got a radical recommendation for him.  Episode #729 June 05, 2020 Hi this is Dan Miller – and yes you’re listening to the 48 Days Radio show – where each week we…

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how to be more decisive

How can I be more decisive?

A recent Harvard Business School study asked the question, “What are the top characteristics of high achievers?”  Of course, in the list were things like intelligence, education, and attitude. But at the very top of the list, one thing stood out — Speed Of Implementation— having the ability to act quickly – the ability to…

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Don’t confuse activity with accomplishment

Questions: I am so ready to go, and every day I want so badly to be making a difference in the world, I just don’t know what the next step is. My wife and I are looking for some coaching help. My wife and I were burned some 20 years ago and are still trying…

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