A Business or a Hobby?

Dan, I am an entrepreneur at heart but I need some sort of job in order to finance a business. I am in 2 different schools – one for fashion and one to get my MBA. I am also studying for a license to work with imports and I write a fashion blog in my spare time. Any advice??


Wow – you present a Catch 22 here.  You want to start a business but need a job to fund it?  That implies youdon’t believe it will make enough money to make sense.  Getting a “job” will certainly slow down the process of starting your own business.  No matter what the job consists of there will be a learning curve and time required.

If you are serious about starting a business you should see it generating more money within 3-6 months than you could possibly make in a job.  If you need something for that short timeframe make sure it’s something that doesn’t require much in new learning by you or by your employer.  Get a Christmas pizza delivery job or work at a kiosk in the mall selling jewelry or sunglasses.  But focus on ramping your business up quickly – and believe that it will happen.  Sometimes a “safety net” sabotages what could have been a big success.

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