The 48 Days App Is Here!

We’re thrilled to have our own app to keep you up to date with the latest blogs, podcasts, and 48 Days Community news.  Additionally, it has a 48 Days Schedule to keep you on track with landing the work you love.

Do you dream of having a better job and doing work that you love? This app complements the book that started it all, “48 Days to the Work You Love“.

Now you can instantly access the 48 Days blogs and podcasts for inspiration and guidance.  Join the community and interact with other members on the journey to a better life.  You can also keep track of your personal journey using the interactive 48 Days Schedule that is included.

Keep up with all of the latest 48 Days information wherever you go!


Check it out in the iTunes store, or simply scan the QR reader here:For ANDROID Phones:

Go here to download the app for ANDROID!


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Not only do we have a great app for only $0.99, we have a free option just for fun:

What Would Dan Say?

Do you think you know what Dan would say about various questions that have come up on the podcast at one time or the other? Test your career and Dan Miller knowledge with the 48 Days Quiz. It’s a randomly generated set of 10 questions per game, with over 75 questions to draw from. And the question list is growing each and every week!

Also included in this free app is Dan’s wildly successful e-book on 48 Low Cost Business Ideas!

Even more, you can browse 48 Days products, upcoming events, and more!

Enjoy this fantastic Dan Miller/48 Days tribute app, and make sure to tell a friend!

Get the App through iTunes HERE

Or, just scan the QR code: