48 Days 7/22/09

I’m Missing Something

1. I am missing that “something” inside that says “yes, this is what I want”. How do I find this “something” ?

2. I just can’t seem to figure out what my calling is. What was I put on this planet to do? What in the world am I here for?

3. What credentials do you think would be required for a Management Coach? I have a BS in Civil Engineering, but that does not reflect management capabilities.

4. How do I handle possible copyright issues by using the quotes from famous people that I used to generate an idea or point-of-interest in a blog post or book I may write?

5. I am currently stuck in a career that is dragging me down. I dread each morning going to work, but I also have feelings of guilt because I know there are thousands of people without jobs. I have been dealing with this day after day for at least a couple of years now, and something needs to change.

6. I was just wondering what should be my first approach to opening a Christian cafe/ social club for my community. No, I have never run a business before but grew up with a mother who owned her own store/restaurant and rented apartments.

7. I am looking at purchasing an existing landscaping company with good sales and margins. I am a Mechanical Engineer by degree, but I love being outside and talking to people (atypical engineer). While I think this is a good opportunity, I am concerned by whether I have narrowed my view of potential businesses too much.


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