48 Days 6/24/09

“Nervously Employed” I never get tired of reading through the real-life questions that come in each day. The poignant descriptions are far beyond anything I could dream up. Here are just a few that I discussed in this week’s 48 Days Podcast: 1. From a 31-year-old call centre agent – “I feel like I am running late for a party that never happened.”

2. I am a 32 year-old “nervously-employed” salesperson in a highly unstable industry! 3. I am not young and would like to get started in the shortest possible time.

4. I am motivated to find a path in my life that will be good for my soul, as well as provide the material requirements of my family. 5. I spent the last 5 years in the School of Hard Knocks getting a degree in life experience.


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