48 Days 5/6/09

I begin this podcast asking for your feedback. While the podcast is extremely successful in terms of numbers, I’m always looking for ways to make it better and more useful.

– Should I change the intro music?

– Should I answer more questions with shorter answers or fewer questions with more in-depth answers?

– Should I have podcasts with only one theme (e.g. eBay business, coaching, taxes and licenses, etc.)?

– Should I have guests periodically – with a particular theme? Just shoot any ideas you have to askDan@48Days.com — Thanks so much!

1. I am interested in doing some reselling. I’m concerned about doing it legally and without a lot of overhead. Do I need a permit to do this? Beyond that, do I need to get a taxpayer ID / form a company to do this? Do I have sales tax or other tax obligations?

2. My question is this- have you considered an artist seminar out at the Barn? I have heard you say that you have worked with artists on how to get their careers on track and the different options of marketing, agents, galleries and so forth. Do you have anything like that in the works?

3. Dan, my dream has come true!!! I will be managing this salon, recruiting the stylists, working my own hours and I WORK FOR MYSELF. Can you imagine that in the land of FAMINE, there is still a God that can bless and open doors despite my circumstances.

4. I’m 53 years old, bored with my job, not learning anything new, not intellectually stimulating. I don’t know what my God given talents, skills are. And I wonder how do I go about finding out what my passions are, what my Goal should be. What is it that God wants me to be? Please help


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