48 Days 4/8/09

I begin this podcast by talking about “hope.” We’ve all been hearing a lot about this word recently. Some people think it’s an unrealistic approach to the realities of what’s happening. I agree that hope without a plan is empty and it is perhaps even cruel to suggest hope to someone without offering a plan of action.

What does having “hope” really mean?
What is our strongest resource in tough times?
What can you offer to others who are struggling? I then threw in a tip from Dr. West Conner on how to listen to this (or any) podcast 40% faster.

Then on with the always intriguing questions:

1. I’m one of those people who took a job they really didn’t like (teaching) just to take care of my family until I could find something that I did want. Your counsel reminded me of Russell Conwell’s book “Acres of Diamond”. Could you please elaborate on that?

2. I have an idea for a new business. Where can I go to ask someone to see if my idea will be profitable without being taken advantage of? (My answer may surprise you.)

3. My wife is a massage therapist and I am a home inspector. Would it be a good idea to find more business capital and where would be a good place to acquire it?

4. Can you tell us how long it took for you to take 48 days from “some notes in a binder” to a hardback book? Did you do self publishing in book form before it was picked up by a publisher? I have heard you say that you were selling the binder for $39. What were the pros and cons of moving to a $19 book whose profits you share with a publisher?


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