48 Days 4/29/09

1. I feel duped by my university in that I don’t feel prepared enough for anything at age 39. I don’t know what are my God given talents, skills, and wonder how do I go about finding out what my passions are, what my God chosen career is.

2. I am an educator and I see great value in your materials for young people. Have you considered creating content for the kindergarten through high school audience?

3. After reading 48 Days I feel confident I’m called to be a novelist. It may be another year before I can have a finished product ready for publishers to consider. Should I tough it out at my present, ill-fitting job and keep working toward my dream, or try to find something else?

4. I am debating between an e-bay business and a delivery business a Dry cleaning delivery service…. What should i take into consideration? How should I make this decision and not regret it later???

5. I commute about an hour and a half one-way everyday to my J-O-B. I leave about 5AM and get home about 6PM. I am looking for a creative idea as a sideline business where I can leverage my time in the car and still create extra cash.


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