48 Days 4/22/09

1. You mentioned that you enjoy the challenge of starting ideas and once the idea is up and running you get bored with it pretty quickly. I too love to design, plan and implement ideas, but get bored once it is in place. My business goal is to develop products and ideas but I struggle with transitioning an idea into income.

2. I was very average in high school and was told I was not college material. I feel I’m being pulled to do something better — more meaningful… maybe going to college. But I’m terrified at 47.

3. I am a very creative person and I have a Leonardo Da Vinci notebook full of ideas and inventions (20+). Fear stems from no money for my ideas. Should I seek out investors, legal counsel, ???

4. I have been out of a FT job since 2004, and very discouraged. I want to pursue my calling, art, but realize that my wife and I need $ now. We have pond-scum payday loans to pay, plus other debt. Should I deliver pizzas?

5. I have no sense of joy or accomplishment from a days work. I really enjoy the creative side of work. Is it feasible to turn my interests and passions into a business that will flourish and be able to provide for me financially? Part of the problem is that I am not a salesman.


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