48 Days 4/15/09

1. Reading your book has confirmed that I’m really not a team player. I’m happiest being the ”resident expert” or “resident consultant” and being in a position where what I do impacts others but doesn’t really require me to interact with them all that much. At age 59, with 35 years on the administrative side of the healthcare industry, how do I market myself so that my experience and solitary nature are seen as advantages?

2. I started back to school part time in January toward my dream of becoming a speech therapist. Is taking a big step backwards ( lower level job) to get where I want to go really as bad as people are trying to convince me that it is?

3. I love what I do, but I only represent one company. I have the opportunity to go on my own and potentially at least double my income AND represent many companies. My question is, historically I’ve been a “poor dad” type who looks towards the long term “stable” position. When you look at opportunities, do you look long term or short term?

4. I want to teach single mothers on welfare how to find their purpose, get rid of debt and grow wealth, and not depend on the government to take care of them in the long haul. I am currently a laid off mother of three on welfare. How can I do this with no money, experience, debt, and while I don’t feel empowered myself? Where do I start?

5. I have been looking for jobs for the last year and I am still in the same dead end job. I am at my wits end and have basically decided that by my birthday of next year I will kill myself if I am still here; that is at least one goal that I can attain at this point. I don’t know what my purpose is, don’t know how to find it and surely at this point am tired of searching.


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