48 Days 2/25/09

1. Hi Dan, my name is Ingrid, I work as loan officer at a bank, also I’m bilingual (English/Spanish) and love to help people. With the mortgage industry crash, I’d like to start a company to clean foreclosures houses. I know a lot of people I can hire, but I don’t know where to start to look for leads, as well I will need some money to start my company. Can you guide me please?

2. I see many articles regarding getting re-educated etc to get a new job, however there doesn’t seem to be anyone addressing the situation of the older person who loses their position through no fault of their own. I am well educated, healthy, well groomed and get along well with others but I have not been able to find new work. My resume has helped me land several good interviews. I walked away feeling very good about the match of my talents to the requirements only to find later that I did not get the position. I feel strongly that it is the age issue. What is an older worker to do??

3. For 46 years I have been teaching music lessons from my home studio — the occupation I love. Investments I made to sustain my later years vanished, and tuition income has dropped from 84K to 24K a year. On my web site I post free video music lessons and student performances, plus sell DVDs. Now age 70, should I sell my home, downsize and retire or get a reverse mortgage to pursue e-commerce and continue teaching?

4. You mentioned several years ago on one of your radio shows that you used to force your children to listen to inspirational tapes when they presented a bad attitude. My wife and I are currently experiencing this with some of our children and I wanted to know if you have any particular titles of audio products that you would recommend for the purpose of building good attitudes in our children. I think that this is a much more productive method to take than traditional punishment in this area and thanks for the idea!

5. I have found that HR departments, despite all protestations to the contrary, are utterly beholden to the Carnegie method (smile, compliment, etc.) and hire almost exclusively on superficialities rather than core competencies. They hire people for the same reasons most people choose one appliance over another – it fits their décor.


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