48 Days 12/26/08

This is an abbreviated holiday podcast that I called “Lemonade and Donut Holes.” Last week Joanne and I had our flight cancelled in Chicago – bringing into question whether we would be able to get home for Christmas Day. We saw spouses angry with each other, parents yelling at children, and overworked airline employees short-tempered with customers.

If circumstances determine our level of happiness, then we are all very vulnerable. If circumstances threaten our closest relationships, then they were not built on solid principles originally. Only as we look past the day-to-day challenges will we have the confidence that nothing can derail us. Focusing on our priorities and long-term goals, we can hold our heads high and keep moving forward with joy and positive anticipation.

This podcast is about 20 minutes of encouragement to make lemonade when life tosses you a few lemons.


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