48 Days 12/17/08

Here’s a recap of some of the questions covered in this 48-minute podcast:

1. I am currently in a contract position in a pharmaceutical company – with an opportunity to become a permanent employee in 2009. What advice would you have for negotiating salary and benefits? 2. I’m considering buying a franchise with startup costs of approximately $250,000. Are there benefits to buying a franchise as opposed to starting a business from scratch? 3. I have lots of good ideas for starting a business. However, can you explain to someone how to eliminate procrastination? 4. If I understand correctly, you started your career in coaching with linear income before moving on to residual. If you could do it again, would you (and could you) have focused only on residual income? Or was the work you did while earning linear income necessary for the residual? 5. I’ve always had an interest in becoming a life coach. I wonder whether you think this is a viable career during the current recession.

6. After speaking with my academic adviser she told me I need to start taking more classes or it will be 10 years before I finish. I can’t do that! I work 80 to 100 hrs a week (no exaggeration) and taking just one class at a time has been putting a toll on my family life. I have decided to quit college. Is this the right choice?


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