48 Days 10/8/08

It’s no surprise that I’m getting lots of questions regarding the economy these days. Are there really opportunities that still exist or do we all need to just hunker down and expect the worst? Well, you know my response to that – and this week’s questions and comments will confirm my belief that new opportunities are all around us.

Here are some of the issues covered:

– Should I buy a “business opportunity” or is it a scam?

– I’m moving from “employee” to “independent contractor.” How do I become incorporated and get a tax ID?

– My wife is a 52-yr-old nurse and is convinced she’s too old to learn anything else. How can I help her see other opportunities?

– I’d like to be a millionaire in eight years. Can I use real estate as my vehicle for wealth?

– I’m 32 and have had two “dull and unexciting” jobs in my life. I don’t feel like I have any skills that an employer would want. How can I move forward?


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