48 Days 10/15/08

I begin by commenting briefly on the state of the economy and sharing a couple of helpful resources sent in by listeners. I’ve been getting asked a lot about whether this is even the time to be looking for new, innovative ideas – or should we just get ready for a long, cold barren winter? Then I hit the great questions – lots of variety and always more interesting than I could possibly dream up.

– What should I do if I know I want a home business but have no idea what I would do? I don’t have any unique skill or idea as a starting point.

-How do I know what to charge for my services? Business owners are asking me to help them conduct business in other languages.

-I have an idea for a business but don’t have the money to start. Should I borrow it or just wait until I can save it myself?

-How can I get your list of 48 low-cost ways to promote my business?

-What do I need to be able to do a podcast like you’re doing?

-I’m living in Sydney, Australia and am ready to buy a cleaning franchise. Is this a bad time to start a business of my own?


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