48 Days 10/1/08

I begin this podcast by responding to some comments I’ve received this week – indicating that I have my head in the clouds and have lost touch with reality. A couple people are convinced I don’t know what it’s really like “out there.” Thus the question is, “When circumstances are tough, should we just ‘be realistic’ and recognize that our dreams will never be accomplished, or should we continue doing the things that are proven to lead to success?”

Then I address:

· Negotiating a compensation package as a church staff member

· What is the difference between 48 Days to the Work You Love and No More Mondays?

· My wife is unexpectedly pregnant – should we stop all the plans we had for moving and getting new jobs?

· With the economy in such an unstable condition, does it make sense to start a business now?

· Dan, I can’t take action because I can’t get clear on what I want. I have read, sat quietly, asked others but nothing grabs me.


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